fit to burst

fit to burst
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4 Responses to “fit to burst”

  • I’d love to read your book. I’ve been challenged, encouraged, humbled, and convicted countless times since reading Loving the Little Years, and have shared it with many other Mommies. :)

  • I am eagerly looking forward to your second book. I bought extra copies of Loving the Little Years to give away to friends, and we all found it very helpful in our mothering journeys! I love that little word you’ve put in between abundance and joy — mayhem. Really, you didn’t mean to say “order” instead? Phew! With three little boys and another baby on the way, it’s easy to struggle under the belief that somehow I need to maintain order and decorum in the process, but of course that doesn’t often happen! So looking forward to your perspective on this. =)

  • My husband has a Christmas wish list for books a mile long. This is it for me. Perhaps because I’m less interested in Kostenberger’s Commentary on John as I am Rachel’s commentary on finding Jesus in baby puke. I’m sure there’s a chapter on it… ;) Pick me! Pick me!

    Oh, unrelated and much to my surprise, said hubby came home from the annual Evangelical Theological Society (a.k.a. Hundred-Pound Heads Meeting) asking to borrow Loving the Little Years–his seminary professor recommended it from one father to another. Too bad I had just loaned it out…it’s a hot commodity ’round here.

  • My daughters and I have been hugely blessed by your book and blog posts. Your new book is greatly anticipated and would be a fabulous present for us all.

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