Lizzie and Biscuits

Rachel has written a blog post about unbaked biscuits over at Desiring God, and I thought you might like to read it. It is an excerpt from Fit to Burst, her hot-off-the-press book.

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5 Responses to “Lizzie and Biscuits”

  • Oh, this is so spot on. I love the way lizzie writes, so real and perceptive, but graciously hitting the nail on the head. This has just given so much food for thought, I’m off to do all the things I had been thinking of doing!

  • Gosh, challenged to the core yet again! Thank-you!

  • Very convicting! Thank you for this… and will you please share your biscuit recipe? I’m now dying to try them. :)

  • So, being Australian, we have biscuits…. but they are what you call cookies. So can I have your ‘biscuit’ recipe, so that I may try them? I’m guessing they are pretty good!

  • Thanks. This is something I’m struggling with right now! Question (for anyone, I guess): What if your failed efforts to imitate Christ and bless others, not just ‘biscuit-making’, become those things that you beat yourself down with? I think that’s my problem, and I’m missing a part of the picture in trying to sort out my thoughts when I get frustrated and angry at myself and others for getting in the way of accomplishing anything. That whole last paragraph is full of ‘should’s, which is a dangerous word for me. I could easily see myself now turning biscuit-making into something that “I should be doing because it would be giving freely and blessing my kids, and why didn’t I get around to it? My salvation is done by Christ, but I’m not working it out enough!”

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