4 thoughts on “Canon Press Fall Book Sale

  1. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for a good children’s Bible for lunch time bible stories. I have gone through the one we had so often it is falling apart and my older children know the stories well. It was okay-but got some stories wrong or had the typical anecdotal ‘lesson’ completely missing the point. I can usually tell the quality of the childrens’ Bible by whether or not they include Goliath’s head being cut off. :-)

    We began reading straight from scripture during lunch instead-but I see my young children don’t have the ‘stories’ in their memory because, well, they aren’t as attentive to the regular reading. (My husband reads the Bible at night. I am looking for something more interesting for a younger child but not watered and made stupid.) Any suggestions?

  2. We’re coming to the conference next week and we’re planning on getting books there. Will we get prices as good as this or should we take advantage of this fall sale?
    PS I’m so excited to be there with you all so soon!

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