Hey! Guess What!

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So anyways, I wrote a book! What?!

(Is it unseemly to mention it? Possibly, possibly.) On the other hand, if I don’t mention it, how would you know that you could pre-order it and get the sale price? In fact, if you pre-order now I hear that it’s possible you may even receive your copy before the official release date of September 27. So there you go!

Oh. Did you want to know what it’s about? It’s about the whole, “What does it mean to be a faithful Christian woman” question. Does it mean we have to look and act like 1950s housewives? (Please no.) Does it mean we should fling ourselves into the corporate world and hope we get to witness to someone along the way? (That’s a pretty limp aspiration.) Should we care about the feminists? Should we agree with the feminists? Should we look at whatever the feminists are doing and then do the opposite? What is the chief end of woman? Do denim skirts turn out to be the key to all godliness and holiness? (You don’t have to buy the book – I’ll just tell you the answer to that one. The answer is no.) I tried to work through those kinds of questions in the book – in an attempt to offer a  vision of what feminine faithfulness could look like right now, in the twenty-first century, as we look at the ever-quickening swirl of cultural chaos around us. How can we not merely stand against the crazy but actually use our uniquely feminine strengths to push back against the tide?

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8 thoughts on “Hey! Guess What!

  1. I finished reading your book this morning. Well done. I’m going to recommend it to my Christian friends; I hope it will spark thoughtful conversations that will lead to greater subduing, filling, helping, and glorifying in our families, in our congregation, and in our community. Thank you for the timely encouragement.

  2. I got mine in the mail a few days ago and started it right away. Just getting into it and am loving it so far. Thank you!

  3. Rebekah, I recently received your book and am enjoying the read. On page 140, you leave a comment about our craving for the fellowship AROUND the food. So true. (And am laughing, as I would certainly confess to raiding the dark chocolate when filling a void, or feeling stress!) As I find myself missing the fellowship at times, I’d like to ask a question webbing away from the original intent of the statement. We have a household of three teenagers and one 8 year old. Because the older ones rightly have more homework, hold outside jobs (we want them to) and are involved in a few other activities, we have to be creative with finding time when we’re all together–whether for meals, or other family events. Could you speak on that a bit, as it seems you have teenagers? Practical suggestions on how you carve time to gather the flock and make the time meaningful. Thanks!

  4. Hi Paula – I totally get that! We have kids with crazy early morning practices, after school practices, evening games, extra jobs, etc. When we first hit this phase a few years ago, we decided that we would still eat dinner together – but dinnertime would be dictated by when we were together rather than by the clock. Oftentimes we sit down at 7:30 or 8:00, sometimes even 9:00 – and that’s fine! I really prefer that to just flinging sandwiches at people as they run past. Obviously sometimes we don’t have everyone at the table together if one of the kids has an away game or something . . . but this approach means that we still regularly eat dinner together as a family. If dinner was at 6:00 every night no matter what, then we would rarely sit down together. (However – we’re just now finishing up the volleyball season, the cross country season, and the drama production – so I’m looking forward to dinners at more regular hours starting next week!) That’s how we handle it – but I’ve also heard other moms suggest that you could do a scattered dinnertime and then converge for a fun dessert before everyone goes to bed . . . I’ve never tried that, but depending on the activities you’re working around that could work too. It definitely takes creativity! We just decided to make mealtime a priority – and I love how it works for us! It’s actually kinda fun doing late night dinners after the game – although that sometimes means the dishes wait until the next day . . . but I think that’s a pretty small price to pay for that time of laughing together, telling stories about the day, etc. Anyway – that’s how we handle it!

  5. Thank you for sharing Rebekah. It seems wise to focus more on routine during this stage, than focus on a strict schedule. Will continue to keep the creativity in check for times together, as it’s so important. Thank you again. Enjoy your “regular meal times” next week. :) (Just disregard if you’re receiving this message twice–tried on my phone first, but didn’t seem to go through on my end.)

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