Hello there. Thanks for trundling on through our wee little blog! Having gotten this far, it seems only fair to introduce ourselves.

Working in an orderly fashion from left to right, we come first to Heather. Wife of Nate, mother of five, California girl, and onetime longboard and shortboard women’s surfing champion of Argentina. Incidentally, she is also the one amongst us most likely to post anything about politics, and she still surfs every chance she gets.

Next in line we come to Rachel (aka Liz or Lizzie), wife to Luke, mother of five (including twins), and the author of Loving the Little Years.  Rachel is the one most likely to post a knitting pattern or a recipe. When she finds the time to do it, we’re not entirely sure, but if you don’t believe us, just check the archives and you’ll discover that we’re not making that up.

Next up is Nancy, wife of Douglas and mother of the aforementioned Nate, Rachel, and Bekah (hang on, we’re getting to Bekah in a minute). It’s really her blog, so we should have started with her, but the picture wasn’t arranged that way, and starting in the middle is just so confusing, don’t you think? She’s not only written her fair share of books, she also sits her entire family (23 and counting) down for an amazing Sabbath meal every Saturday night.

Continuing on in a systematic fashion, we come finally to Bekah, wife of Ben and mother of five. (Are you spotting a trend yet?) Bekah spent three years living in Oxford and taking care of her brood while Ben worked on his PhD. (Also, just to keep the family tree all straight in your minds, she’s the oldest of the three Wilson children. Then Nate. Then Lizzie.)

There you go! Thanks for stopping by!