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  • I loved your “Supernatural Love” post. Could I please have your permission to repost it on our moms group blog? I think it would be such an encouragement to the moms in my church! Let me know, I will wait to hear back from you! thank you, i love your blog!

  • Yes, feel free.

  • Hello Nancy

    I have appreciated your blog this past year,it has been very encouraging. I am preparing a series of interactive Bible talks regarding women’s issues for our church and the next topic is on singleness. I would love to order your new book on this subject if you can let me know how to do that. If you have any advice to get started on this subject I would appreciate that as there seems to be alot of confusion and sensitivity regarding it. I would appreciate any advice and other resources. Thank you. Vanessa Bruni

  • Hello Nancy,

    My small group at church is about to start The Fruit of Her Hands. Might there be a study guide available for this book, or just a list of discussion questions?

    Thank you. Cecile Bibawy

  • Hello Nancy,

    I have recently been introduced to your book, “The Fruit of Her Hands,” looks quite interesting, and I am looking forward to reading it. I notice that on you are listed as “Rev. Nancy Wilson”. Could you tell me some about your ministry and where you were ordained?

    Thank you, and have a wonderful day!

  • Chris,

    What a hoot! Of course I am not Reverend anything. My ministry is my home and husband, and I suppose I was ordained to it at my wedding.

    Thanks for filling me in on that one.


  • There is a Rev. Nancy Wilson, and Goodreads has the two of you conflated, as well. If I were ambitious enough to become a Goodreads librarian, I’d fix it, but I don’t need another online time-sucker. For another hoot, see my “M.Div.” (page 13)

  • Really enjoyed “Loving the Little Years”. It’s spot on for those toddler years. I recommended it on our blog last week as one of my recent favorites. Thank you!

  • Nancy–

    I have read your books and have benefitted greatly from them. My family is in a small church with a small number of youth. I am looking into Bible study or book study material or ideas for the teenage young ladies in our church. Some examples of issues being how to deal with gossip, friend relationships in a Christian manner. I wondered if you have any suggestions to this. I enjoy your blog and appreciate your and your daughters Godly example.

  • Rachel,

    I have experienced taking out the garbage as a destination. I so enjoyed Loving the Little Years. Thank you for your honesty. Today 13 on the chaos scale had to become 1. A very help tool to beat feeling sorry for myself.

    I’ve decided to pass your book on to friends waiting to borrow it while I pick a few things to apply at a time. I told my husband that this is rich, distilled wisdom. It is evidence of the blessing of being so soaked in the Word so that while you’re in the treches, God’s mind on the situation is that much clearer. I thank the Lord for you and the heritage that was passed on to you by your parents.

    I could use an appendix to your book on Bathtime Bounciness. I am open to being told to lighten up but here is the situation in brief: My nearly 3 year old suddenly becomes bouncy and over active at the point of being dressed after her bath. She isn’t yet able to dress herself and the angles involved often mean that a parent gets a whack up the jaw from the top of her head and the process just takes so long. I’ve changed bath times, given her a chance to bounce it all out but no change. Mom and Dad getting serious on the matter usually results in tears or whining.

  • I wasn’t sure where to write this. At any rate, I would love to hear your input on the whole Susan Wise Bauer/Dr. Enns/Classical ed. issue. We are involved in Classical Conversations and use Our Mother Tongue (see how I made this relevant to this page..sorta? :D)
    Anna Thorburn
    New Hampshire

  • I would love to get a copy of ‘Loving the little years’ but it seems tricky to track down in the UK. Do you know where I can get hold of it over here?


  • Nick,
    I feel certain that Canon Press can ship to UK, but if not then I’ll send you a copy!

  • Canon Press do ship to the UK. I ordered 4 copies and received them in record quick time – yippee!

  • Hehe…and guess what else comes up on the search results page? A sinmobile!

  • Valerie, thanks for the ‘heads up’ on Amazon UK. At the time of my ordering it was only available for Kindle download in the UK. Now I can point friends this way!

  • Valerie, was intrigued so just opened your ‘sinmobile’ link on Amazon. I giggled out loud – been there!

  • Here’s the first mention of the Wilson clan’s sinmobile, and if I’m not mistaken, it made an appearance in Rachel’s book.

  • Hello,
    I am in the middle of reading “Loving the Little Years.” Wow, it is SUCH an encouragement to me so far. I love how down to earth and honest Rachel is, but challenging and encouraging at the same time in such practical ways. I can’t wait to incorporate for example, ‘Thanksters and Cranksters’ into our family as well as “Uh oh!…I love you!” :)

    I was wondering if I could post a chapter or two from this book on my personal blog if I credit the source?

    Thank you SO much for writing this book, Rachel. I look forward to passing it on to some other young moms.

    In Christ,

  • Rachel,
    I just wanted to say that I have been so encouraged and challenged by your book. I got your book in the midst of a season where the Lord has been challenging me to take mothering to a new level. I feel like the perspective you bring is so needed today and not one you often hear. Thanks for being who you are and challenging us mothers to be who God has intended us to be!
    Blessings to you today!
    love, Heather

  • Rachel, do have a blog email address for us readers? I have a question I’d love to ask you about something in your book.

  • To all you out there, like me, who love the Feminagirls’ books, and who also live in the UK… We run an online shop, and import and sell Canon Press titles, including all of Nancy’s, and Loving the Little Years. Find us at Thanks, Cara.

  • Dear Nancy,
    I am planning to use Doug’s Future Men as a discussion guide during our Saturday meetings with young men (middle and high school) at our church. Do you have a book or can you recommend a similar book for the young ladies (middle to high school)at our church?
    YOur help is greately appreciated.


    Alex Lee

  • Rachel, I just finished chapter 4 of Loving the Little Years, reading a chapter each evening. I say this from the bottom of my heart – THANK YOU!. I beleive that God had you write this book just special for me.

  • Rachel,

    I just finished reading “Loving the Little Years.” I so appreciated you sharing your creative ways to handle things with kiddos and have made note of several of your ideas to put in my toolbox for when the time comes that I will need them. Thank you for getting your ideas out there to help all of us who are in the trenches too.


  • Rachel…read “Loving the Little Years”…cried, was encouraged, cried some more, was encouraged…praised the Lord for His truth…remembered I am not alone. Thank you! I am wondering if you know of anywhere where I can purchase multiple copies for a discounted rate. I am a leader in the MOPS ministry at my church and would like to purchase a copy for all of our discussion group leaders…however, our MOPS budget cannot cover the full price per book amazon (etc.) wants to charge…and I don’t need nearly as many as most bulk discounts would require purchasing. I would appreciate any ideas you might have. :)

    Amanda :)

  • Amanda,

    I think Canon Press offers bulk discounts for as few as 10 copies. Also, according to their website they also have a 40% discount for churches (no minimum quantity); if this is your church’s ministry, I’m sure that would qualify for the discount.



  • Hi,
    Any good book recommendations for soon-to-be mothers? Of course “loving the little years” is a must, but any others that you would suggest?

  • Mrs. D. Wilson,

    I recently watched a video clip on Canon Wired where you mentioned several books (many by Watson) that you had gone through as studies with women in your church. Are there any “meaty” standouts that you recommend for young mothers?


  • Hi Leah,

    Meaty standouts: All Things for Good by Watson and The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by Jeremiah Burroughs.


  • Hi Nancy,

    I’m currently reading your book “Why isn’t a pretty girl like you married?”. So far I am enjoying it, but I am wondering if I have perhaps not fully understood what you meant in some places. For example, you talk about girls keeping themselves attractive as men will look at the outward appearance. This is logical enough, but I (and I may have misread) get the impression from that chapter that we need to focus a lot on keeping up to date with the latest style – not just clothing but hair etc also, and take more drastic measures such as braces. I did have braces when younger (incidentally I didn’t have a problem with my ever so slightly imperfectly straight teeth, everyone else did so I opted for the painful braces on that basis!) so fortunately that doesn’t apply to me, but surely the media places enough pressure on women to follow latest fashion trends and aspire to having beauty that reaches near perfection. The Bible, however, places much more emphasis on the beauty of the heart and the outworking of that. I suppose my confusion lies here – for so many years I tried to keep up with everything, spent a lot of money on the latest eye makeup/lipstick/foundation, and clothing fashions, and was constantly conscious of what I looked like. Over the years, I have come to realise that who I am as a person is of more importance, and when I read of Ester in the Bible, she is truly beautiful yet I have no idea what she looked like. I wouldn’t say that my dress sense is unfashionable, but for a Godly man to notice me, must I really be keeping up with the worlds perception of what a woman should look like? And how does this fit in with contentment – being content in who we are, with our identity in Christ, rather than appearance? Have I misunderstood your aim with the chapter?
    Many thanks

  • Dear Rachel,

    Thank you so much for your blogs and books. I am a young wife and mother (of an 8-month-old), and everything that I read by you is exactly what I’m needing to hear. It’s convicting, correcting, challenging and encouraging. My husband is a minister, and being around a lot of other young wives and mothers in our church community, I often recognize the tension between being vulnerable and honest with each other, and just wallowing in our failures/difficulties. Your recent post about Vulnerability helped me identify this tension more and better understand how to respond to it. I love how your writing constantly points back to the Gospel, our need for grace, and how Christ’s example should spur us on to work hard and actually do something. I’ve read your first book and am a few chapters into Fit to Burst, and have needed to read every bit of it so far. Thank you so much for your writing – for the honesty, grace and joy with which you write. God is certainly using it to help press this wife and mother deeper into how the Gospel fleshes out in my daily life in the small, seemingly mundane activities. Thank you.

  • Hi Nancy,

    I’ve read some of your books many times and finally got around to reviewing one of them, Reading with Purpose.

    Thanks for all your hard work supporting Christian families and Christian education.

  • This was my first day on your blog and gleaned so much. Loved the one on loving your children over loving them lining up their shoes! I have 4 and deal with this and other issues daily! – (When to work on training and when to just love them where they are!)


  • O.k., I guess my questions were not quite so tough. I tried Googling – something I’ve never thought of when it came to a question in my marriage – and found some things on “Family Life” that spoke to the heart of my questions! Between that and your book, I think my questions are answered. Thank you for all you do to encourage women to be faithful to their calling from the Lord. I’m so thankful God has called me to be a wife and mother and thank you greatly for your encouragement. :-)

  • Hi :) just wondering why your latest book doesn’t appear on your “books” section of the website? I’ve been enjoying it ! :)

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