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Two Things You Should Know About

One is that Femina now has its very own phone app! We are pretty thrilled about that.

Second thing to note is the Spring Sale over at Logos Press.


Hello Ninja is Here!

Hello NinjaI can think of many little ninja stockings that need to have this new little board book by N.D. Wilson in them. You’ll love the artwork by Forrest Dickison and the funny story that goes with it! Hurry, people! Click here to order.

Canon Press Fall Book Sale

Canon Press is having it's big jolly fall stock up on some Christmas gifts now!

Canon Press is having a big jolly  sale….so stock up!

Death By Living Released Today!

Death by Living


Our big news today is that Nate’s  Death By Living, his first non-fiction book since Notes From The Tilt-A-Whirl, was released today! This book makes me laugh out loud on one page and wipe my eyes on the next. It’s glorious and inspiring and makes me want to live harder. Where can you get a copy? From Canon Press of course!


Fit to Burst!

So have you been thinking that Lizzie has been slacking off a bit lately in her posting? Well, it turns out that she had a good excuse. The rest of us however, not so much.

Anyway – here it is! Her new book! Ya-skippity-hoo just about sums it up. I haven’t read it yet myself – seeing as it’s still at the printers – but Lizzie and I talk on the phone a lot (as it turns out) while we’re mopping floors and folding laundry, and she read me snips of it as she wrote it. Lots of snips. So I can tell you very confidently that this is seriously good stuff.

This is a limited time “soft release” which means that the real thing (with blurbs on the back) comes out in January, but you can get an early copy by Christmas if you order by December 7. There are only a limited number available, so jump on this one!

O. Douglas

My mother-in-law was a great fan of the books of O. Douglas, which was the pen name for the Scottish novelist Anna Buchan, sister of John Buchan of The Thirty-Nine Steps. Recently, while Doug and I were bookshopping in Victoria, I found  six small hardback copies of her books, and I bought them just because they reminded me of Bessie.

I read a few of the books at Bessie’s request years ago when I was a young mother, and I found them to be sweet but a little too sentimental. I didn’t have the patience for them. But now as I read them from a middle-aged viewpoint, I am seeing a few things differently. First off, they remind me a bit of Jane Austen because the stories are usually set in an obscure little Scottish town, and all the action is really simply getting to know the characters by accompanying them to tea or on a trip across the Scottish countryside. These are Continue reading ‘O. Douglas’