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God Rest Ye Merry

My husband has just finished a wonderful four-part sermon series called “Why Children Matter” and you can listen to them here at the Christ Church website. Not only is each sermon available, but Doug and I have done a Q&A each Monday night after the sermon to answer questions and go on bunny trails. You can help yourself to them at the same spot.

Secondly, for those of you who expressed an interest in the talks from the Table Grace Femina seminar, here they are as well.

And finally, I want to commend to you my husband’s book God Rest Ye Merry. There’s still time to get it for Advent, and it is a wonderful addition to your Christmas preparations. We are reading it together each day.

And while you’re at it, take a look at the Canon Press Christmas Catalog!

Merry Advent to you all!

Here’s hoping

Christmas labels 2 So anyways, I’m sick in bed today. Not too bad, merely coughing myself into an early grave is all. I have also lost my voice which is a great bonus because it makes me sound so much more pathetic than I actually feel. I have reached the point where I am communicating with my family via a series of squeaks and gestures. The whole thing is actually just comic, and I would pick this any day of the week over any form of stomach bug – even though I may at any moment sprain a rib with coughing.

Now that I have over-shared with you about that, you are no doubt wondering why on earth I bring this up. Why shout the news all over the interwebs that I am coughing? I’m just setting the context here. Seeing as I am sitting in bed rather than being productive and planning my Thanksgiving menu, I decided to make some Christmas labels. Every year around this point I’m still feeling optimistic about the whole Christmas package situation. Continue reading ‘Here’s hoping’

Feeling a little Stressy this Christmas?

I wrote a post for Resurgence on a few ways to control the stress of Christmas, which you can read here.

I should have written number 7 – wrap every gift the moment it comes in, but that would have been hypocritical. Enjoy!

Some Better Pictures of Christmas (because the last one was so bad)

So we have been trying to rev our way into Christmas. About time, I know! Our Advent mittens are up at last. Here is my sweet Daphne showing us a few:


There is a little craft fair tonight that is raising money for our teacher’s Christmas gifts. I made some doll sleeping bags which were super simple and quick (once I got around to actually doing them – that part took a long time). I used this tutorial, fabric I had in my fabric stash (I admit I love funky older fabrics, and this was a fun time to use them). My brilliant innovation that I am stupidly proud of was using nylon potholder loops for the ties. Super simple and fast, and they come in cute colors, which you already knew because they are all over your house. Continue reading ‘Some Better Pictures of Christmas (because the last one was so bad)’

The Here and the Now.

Last year my kids ate cereal for Christmas breakfast. For reals. Cereal. To be fair, we had done a Christmas Eve brunch the day before, and Christmas was on a Sunday, so we were in a hurry. But. But. But.

Continue reading ‘The Here and the Now.’

A Femina Shopping Spree

A Femina reader ministering with her family for a few months in Russia has offered you a sweet deal. She has designed and sells an Advent Bible Study guide for kids as well as other resources that might interest you. If you’d like to look at their products, the link is here. Click on ‘Christmas Resources’ on the top right to see what they have for Advent. They are offering you a 50% off coupon code: ‘halfoffholiday,’ so take advantage!

We would like to invite any of you who sell Christmas or Advent products or resources to leave a comment at the end of this post with a comment describing your goods as well as a link to your site. We can have a Femina readers’ shopping spree right here!