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Some Better Pictures of Christmas (because the last one was so bad)

So we have been trying to rev our way into Christmas. About time, I know! Our Advent mittens are up at last. Here is my sweet Daphne showing us a few:


There is a little craft fair tonight that is raising money for our teacher’s Christmas gifts. I made some doll sleeping bags which were super simple and quick (once I got around to actually doing them – that part took a long time). I used this tutorial, fabric I had in my fabric stash (I admit I love funky older fabrics, and this was a fun time to use them). My brilliant innovation that I am stupidly proud of was using nylon potholder loops for the ties. Super simple and fast, and they come in cute colors, which you already knew because they are all over your house. Continue reading ‘Some Better Pictures of Christmas (because the last one was so bad)’

The Here and the Now.

Last year my kids ate cereal for Christmas breakfast. For reals. Cereal. To be fair, we had done a Christmas Eve brunch the day before, and Christmas was on a Sunday, so we were in a hurry. But. But. But.

Continue reading ‘The Here and the Now.’

A Femina Shopping Spree

A Femina reader ministering with her family for a few months in Russia has offered you a sweet deal. She has designed and sells an Advent Bible Study guide for kids as well as other resources that might interest you. If you’d like to look at their products, the link is here. Click on ‘Christmas Resources’ on the top right to see what they have for Advent. They are offering you a 50% off coupon code: ‘halfoffholiday,’ so take advantage!

We would like to invite any of you who sell Christmas or Advent products or resources to leave a comment at the end of this post with a comment describing your goods as well as a link to your site. We can have a Femina readers’ shopping spree right here!

Santa Who?

A college girl once told me that her little sister had asked her if Santa was real or not. Being an honest Christian, the college gal didn’t want to lie to her little sister, so she told her that Santa was make-believe and not real. So her little sister followed up with, “So is Jesus real?”

This just illustrates the point that we should not lie to our children thinking that it will make Christmas more fun for them.  Christmas is not about Santa. I grew up with Santa and my husband didn’t. I can remember as a little kid looking all around my bedroom for the elves who were watching me and making that list. And I remember asking my parents how come there were so many Santas around town anyway. I don’t remember ever having the “news” broken to me that Santa was make-believe. We simply out-grew it. My parents always made Christmas spectacular, and, in spite of the Santa thing, I always knew about the real Christmas as being Jesus’ birthday.

At Doug’s home, Santa was not welcome at their Christmas celebration. (In fact, he still thinks it’s a stupid story!) When he was a little kid, he and his younger brother were watching a repairman do something at their house. The repairman asked the boys what Santa Claus had brought them for Christmas. “Nothing,” replied his little brother. Continue reading ‘Santa Who?’

Three Weeks Until Advent

We got a gentle nudge from some gentle readers to get things fired up for Advent around here on Femina. Yes, indeedy, it is a comin’. In fact, kick off is three weeks from today.

Of course there are endless possibilities of what kinds of things you can do with your families to celebrate Advent. We (our family) have always viewed Advent as the pre-function to the BIG party on Christmas. (I know some Christians view Advent as a penitential season and withhold things. No criticism intended; we just don’t share that perspective.) So we start warming up on December 1, which happens to fall on a Saturday this year, which means we will light the first Advent Candle at Sabbath Dinner that night.

We have an Advent ring with four candles. Week one, we light the first candle and it burns through dinner and is blown out. The next week we relight candle #1 and then light candle #2 and so on. There are lots of Continue reading ‘Three Weeks Until Advent’

How fun is this?!

Here’s something totally fun – and personally, I can’t wait to read it! Dad’s new book is at the printers right now, and Canon is offering free shipping on pre-orders placed before November 19. So grab yourself a copy and get into the Christmas spirit! Here’s what Dad had to say about the book:

“The book is divided into five sections, or lessons. The first is entitled To Gain His Everlasting Hall, which addresses the beginining of the biography that laid the foundation of our salvation. The second is The Politics of Christmas, which would come as no surprise to Herod. The third section addresses some concerns that some may have about appropriate celebrations, and is called Celebrating Christmas Like a Puritan. For those who think this means “not very much,” you really need to get this book. And a case of eggnog. The fourth lesson is related and asks How Then Shall We Shop? Maybe our problem is that our Christmas celebrations don’t emphasize the material enough. We need to get the material out of materialism. And keep it. The last section is a collection of Advent readings to help your family walk through the celebration.”