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Sabbath Hearts


Back when I was in high school my Dad became convicted that we should be honoring the Lord’s Day more than we had been. Having grown out of a Jesus people kind of church that met in the parks sometimes, we were growing into Christian traditions that were much older and unfamiliar, and often seemed painfully stuffy.

It was true that Scripture clearly said the Sabbath was for rest. Of course we all had visions of Little House on the Prairie and very serious times past. It seemed to us that the only people who would be Sabbatarian were people who would wear horsehair shirts, scowl at children, administer discipline for laughter (as well as most other things), eat only boiled food, have no fun, and probably cause routine church splits about whether the bulletins should be tri-folded to reflect the Trinity or not.

In the midst of some angsty discussions around the dinner table Dad pointed out something that has stuck with me all this time “But what about homework, Dad? Are you saying that I’m not allowed to do homework on Sunday??!” He responded that it wasn’t that we didn’t get to work, it was that we got to not. It was hard to ignore this. I am not normally chafing at the bit to do homework, yet tell me that I may not and my desperation to do it becomes unbearable. Continue reading ‘Sabbath Hearts’

What Every Grandma Loves


My granddaughter Lina whipped up this little bouquet for me yesterday while playing in my yard. I love the grass tied in a knot around the little flowers. And I love the little hands that brought it.


Pro-life for all of life

Rachel has a post over on Desiring God that I know you’ll want to read. Just thought I’d let you know!

He is Risen!


After the glorious Resurrection Sunday worship service in the morning, and after  feasting on grilled lamb on the Merkles’ front porch, and after the grandkids hunted eggs in the yard, and after the guests left, and after Shadrach konked out for a nap in the stroller (can you see his feet sticking out from under the blanket?), and after everyone was a little bedraggled from all the festivities, we posed for a family photo! (Thanks Elizabeth Sensing!) Hope you all had a very blessed Easter celebration! He is Risen!


I have many reasons to be proud of my husband, but this latest thing is just fun. He has gone and won  the 2013 Book Award for Christian fiction from Christianity Today. Came totally out of the blue. He had no idea.

Evangellyfish is a book he had a whole lot of fun writing, and if you read it, you’ll see what I mean. You can hear him chuckling in the background on most every page. In fact, I remember walking into his study a few times when he had completely cracked himself up. Love that about him!

Hat’s off to my husband the novelist! And congrats to Canon Press for having a winning book!


Mom’s New Sink

I have decided to share with you a little secret about my father. It’s time someone spoke out and let the world know what he’s actually like. Over the years, people have asked me this question a lot. They want to know the actual sordid truth – the unvarnished reality of how things REALLY are at the Wilson home. Well here it is, world, the shocking tell-all. Sharpen your pencils to take some incriminating notes that you can bring up later when you don’t like something he says about NT Wright. Continue reading ‘Mom’s New Sink’