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Another Funny

Once my daughter was babysitting, and it was time to put the toys away and get the kids in bed. She told the young buster, who was probably four or five, to pick up the crayons. He took the empty crayon bucket and put it on his head and said, “I am the Chief End of Man. The Chief End of Man does not pick up crayons!”

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

With love to you all from all of us!

Wow and Oops!

Dear Readers and Commenters All,

So I’ve been going along and supposing that I had cleared all the comments coming in when Bekah called and said something like, “Mom, did you know there are over 70 comments waiting to be cleared?” Yikes! I’m so sorry everyone! I didn’t mean to leave your comments high and dry. I’ve cleared a bunch now, so they’ll see the light of day.

Those of you who have requested the Minister’s Wife….it’s coming!

Also, a few of you have asked for some personal advice. So, as soon as I can, I will answer those. (Meanwhile, I’ll leave those off the blog.)

And finally, keep on commenting! I’ll try to keep a closer eye on things.

Christmas is coming….and how ’bout a new garbage can?

Just in case you haven’t noticed Bekah’s blog lately, she has some adorable Christmas labels for you to print out. Not to mention a silly story about her new stylin’ garbage can and a commentary on British road cones.


It’s Sunday night and with the  the Femina Conference, the Grace Agenda Conference, Sabbath dinner, two worship services, and a huge church picnic and psalm sing now behind us, I must thank the Lord for crowding us with so many kindnesses these past few days. Tired? Yes. Blessed? Very much!

Highlight of it all was meeting Mark and Grace Driscoll. Mark  addressed us twice, and he nailed it both times. We so appreciate them making the trip over. Grace looks like a much-loved woman (i.e., lovely), which made Mark’s ministry to us all the sweeter. (And she’s fun!)

Now for a few highlights:

From Pastor Mark: Are you more disposed to sin being religious or sin being rebellious? Good questions and easy to get nailed in that talk.  He used the prodigal son story for that one, and he pointed out that there is a perfect Third Son who is neither religious or rebellious. He gave a talk on masculinity, the need for men to be tough and tender. Tough to outsiders who would harm the wife, the home, the kids. Tender to the people inside the home.

Doug interviewed Mark, and I couldn’t help but feel like those two have a lot in common. Rachel summed it up when she said that Mark feels like a cousin or something. Familiar and almost family. Continue reading ‘Debrief’

Femina Conference

We are gearing up for our first Femina conference this coming Friday! Just in case you haven’t seen the line-up, I’ll be speaking first on defining what we mean by “dangerous” women, Bekah will be applying this definition to wives, Rachel to moms, and Heather to the single women. I’m so pleased at the numbers of women who are coming, and a special hoorah to all you Femina readers who are making a trip to Moscow for this and for the Grace Agenda Conference which follows.

Our ninety-something degree weather is supposed to give way to nice fall weather in the seventies and sixties, so bring a sweater! And bring an extra bag for all your book and Amoretti clothing purchases! Happy Travels!