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10 Reasons to be Glad When Your Husband is Slandered

*Though this may apply to all kinds of husbands, it is particularly the case when your husband is a minister.

1. It makes him look good.

Of course it does! Karen Grant said that “big lights attract big bugs” and if there are some big uglies out there around the light, well, he must be big enough to be a threat to bring out all the bugs. And the light usually sticks around longer than the bugs.

2. It makes you grateful.

I never thought to thank my husband for not being a racist. Of course, if he had been a racist, I never would have married him. But once people start calling him one, then I find I have one more blessing to thank God for.

3. It’s a good sign.

It’s a danger sign, according to Scripture, when everyone only has nice things to say about you. (Luke 6:26)

4. It’s a reason for a party.

If Jesus says we are to rejoice and be exceeding glad when people spread lies about us, then that means God wants us to throw a party! (Matthew 5:11-12)

5. It’s God’s way of a promotion.

1 Peter 4:14 says that when we are reproached for the name of Christ, the Spirit of glory and of God rests on us. Now that’s a promotion! Continue reading ’10 Reasons to be Glad When Your Husband is Slandered’

The Glory of Children

The glory of children is their father, and here is mine, all mine! Today he is 95 years old, and still going strong, by the strong grace of God. I’ve always been very proud of my dad. An Air Force pilot, he fought in two wars for our country. He was wounded in WWII, came home and married a beautiful girl in Wyoming. They’ve had a marriage that has spanned almost seventy years! I thank God for His many kindnesses to me,  one of the central ones being a faithful father who loves his family. A glory indeed. Happy Birthday, Dad!

Another Funny

Once my daughter was babysitting, and it was time to put the toys away and get the kids in bed. She told the young buster, who was probably four or five, to pick up the crayons. He took the empty crayon bucket and put it on his head and said, “I am the Chief End of Man. The Chief End of Man does not pick up crayons!”

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas!

With love to you all from all of us!

Wow and Oops!

Dear Readers and Commenters All,

So I’ve been going along and supposing that I had cleared all the comments coming in when Bekah called and said something like, “Mom, did you know there are over 70 comments waiting to be cleared?” Yikes! I’m so sorry everyone! I didn’t mean to leave your comments high and dry. I’ve cleared a bunch now, so they’ll see the light of day.

Those of you who have requested the Minister’s Wife….it’s coming!

Also, a few of you have asked for some personal advice. So, as soon as I can, I will answer those. (Meanwhile, I’ll leave those off the blog.)

And finally, keep on commenting! I’ll try to keep a closer eye on things.

Christmas is coming….and how ’bout a new garbage can?

Just in case you haven’t noticed Bekah’s blog lately, she has some adorable Christmas labels for you to print out. Not to mention a silly story about her new stylin’ garbage can and a commentary on British road cones.