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God Rest Ye Merry

My husband has just finished a wonderful four-part sermon series called “Why Children Matter” and you can listen to them here at the Christ Church website. Not only is each sermon available, but Doug and I have done a Q&A each Monday night after the sermon to answer questions and go on bunny trails. You can help yourself to them at the same spot.

Secondly, for those of you who expressed an interest in the talks from the Table Grace Femina seminar, here they are as well.

And finally, I want to commend to you my husband’s book God Rest Ye Merry. There’s still time to get it for Advent, and it is a wonderful addition to your Christmas preparations. We are reading it together each day.

And while you’re at it, take a look at the Canon Press Christmas Catalog!

Merry Advent to you all!


DSC_06225If we really face the facts, it is true that my kids are growing up. I mean, I still have a one-year-old, and a three-year-old who work together to keep the time of the baby-toddles fresh in my mind. But the truth is, things have changed. Slowly, some of these wonderful kids have grown into the kind of maturity that can handle their own zippers, button their own pants, find their own socks, and they even do things like load the dishwasher, or fold a load of laundry on occasion.

I don’t exactly know when it happened, but it does feel like we have left the little years and moved into the middle years. And I love it here. It is still the challenging, wild, wonderful, messy, hilarious, and outrageous life I have come to know and love – but it is just a little more mature. Our family life is somewhere in the middle lands -like we have lost our front teeth and they are growing back in way too big for our heads, but we have plans to catch up to them.

But it wasn’t that long ago. Only a handful of years ago in our house, if playing in the toilet had come to a vote, I could have lost. Continue reading ‘Frantic’

Gel-Pen Faith

IMG_4304Not too long ago a young woman was over at my house for some reason that I cannot remember. Now on a typical day  at my house you would find dishes in the sink, junk on the floor, a baby unloading a drawer, laundry on the stairs, and about 410 things on my to-do list. Children are always coloring, wielding scissors, and gluing things on the window when I’m not looking. Hopefully, you would also find me running around in the midst of it, because long experience has taught me that giving up on it won’t get results. I don’t remember what exactly was going on when she came by, but at some point she commented that she was the sort of person who liked things to be really orderly. It wasn’t a criticism and it wasn’t offensive, although it did make me laugh. Because, lo. Me too. Continue reading ‘Gel-Pen Faith’

Childhood Cancer

Some of you may have a child with cancer, you may have cancer yourself, or you may have a friend with a child who is fighting cancer. But even if you don’t, you will still be blessed and encouraged to read this mother’s story of her son’s battle with leukemia. The battle isn’t over yet, but she has tasted the Lord’s victory over her own fear and worry.

Delayed Obedience


One of the troubles moms can encounter once their kids reach a certain height and vocabulary is the constant “Why?” that follows when you tell them to do (or not do) something.

“Johnny, quit jumping on the couch.”


It is a perfectly reasonable question, and I was always happy to answer it AFTER the obedience.

“Quit jumping and then you may ask me why.”

I remember teaching my children how important it was to obey first and ask questions later. You never know what kind of situation might arise where instant obedience is crucial. I told my kids a story that I had read about a missionary who had looked out the front door to see his child playing beneath a tree in the yard. On the branch over the child was a very large and deadly snake. The father called to his son, “Johnny, drop on your knees and crawl to me.” Johnny did as his father said, and once he was out of range, his father explained the reason for his sudden and seemingly weird command. The point, I would tell my children, is that you must always obey me right away, without Continue reading ‘Delayed Obedience’

Thinking Thoughts

One of the things we moms (of all ages!) need to be constantly alert to are our own thoughts about who we are as mothers. We can either define ourselves, our lives, our children, and our calling according to Scripture, or we will define it all according to any number of misguided ideas. And though it would be nice to blame all those misguided ideas on the world, the flesh, or the devil, I am pretty sure we can cook them up all by ourselves.

Rather than listening to ourselves, we need to speak (sometimes firmly) to ourselves. Here are a few examples of what I mean.

1. “This is just drudgery. I just do the same thing over and over and never make any progress.”

This is giving yourself a bad job description. This is not what God calls homemaking. God calls it “good works.” But we shouldn’t pretend that it isn’t work. Good works usually involve very hard work. Good works are not good ideas or good feelings or good intentions. Homemaking is a humble calling, but it is a glorious calling at the same time. Making your home an oasis for your family is a mystery indeed. Who Continue reading ‘Thinking Thoughts’