My daughter Rachel and her husband Luke own a little kitchen/flower boutique in downtown Moscow, and in the midst of the many gray months we have here, it is a very cheery little spot indeed. There is no denying that the winter months here lack color (except for when the snow is gloriously blinding on a bright, clear day). But stepping into the shop can be a helpful poke in the eye to remind us that red and yellow and orange and vivid blue and green are still alive and well, even if they are in hibernation outside.

            One of the things for sale in this little shop is our church’s cookbook, Hot Providence. I just want to give it a bit of a plug. Not only does it feature some fantastic recipes (hundreds), but many of the recipes include family stories. I think the Leithart stories may be my favorites. Here is a sample story included with the recipe for Lindsey Cake:

            You have probably wondered what people do in the South when it gets hot in the summer. Well, we will tell you. They have family reunions…all the time, every weekend, and every long distance family member is invited, which usually includes nearly the whole state of Alabama. Momma got this recipe at the Jordan (that’s her maiden name) Family Reunion in Cullman, Alabama in the early 1990’s. She decided to name it after Lindsey because she ate so much of it!

            Now who could resist such a plug for such a cake? Also included in the back of the book are some sample menus, articles on relevant topics like celebrating the Sabbath, how to include little ones in the festivities, and hospitality tips. It’s really several books in one. One friend of mine said that now that she has a copy, she won’t need another cookbook for the rest of her life!

            I like cookbooks, but the fact is, I seldom use more than a handful of the recipes in them no matter how snazzy the cover it. My family just doesn’t go for lamb kabobs (although I bet they’re fantastic) or underdone tuna with golden raisins. But this cookbook is the real deal from women who know how to feed the troops.  It will cost you $35.00 for this book, the same price as a much slimmer cookbook with the big name author, slick pics, and a fraction of the recipes. So, I’m telling you, you won’t regret dropping the big bucks on this one.

            Of course there are a few scary recipes in here too, particularly my husband’s recipe for panjacks. (He invented it when I was sick, and the kids loved it, though I couldn’t participate in their joy.)  All the men in my family were eager to contribute recipes, for they all have a fondness for food, and they think very worldviewishly (if that is a word) about it, like they do about everything else. One thing about the men in my family, they are participants, so they couldn’t miss an opportunity to contribute to the church cookbook. There’s not a spectator in the batch. And whether it is helping with the cooking or grilling, clean-up or set up, being on the kid-watch, providing the after-dinner entertainment for the kids, changing the diapers (I’m not kidding), or removing a fussin’ child from the table for a “pep-talk,” the men in my family are doing it all. We women couldn’t pull off any of this without them. But I digress. You can order the cookbook from Canon Press.

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12 thoughts on “Hot Stuff

  1. I’ve already bought it and I love it! I was so grossed out with the panjacks recipe, especially since I was going through “morning” sickness at the time. Geoff thought it was hilarious when I showed it to him.

  2. I have had the cookbook since Christmas and consider it my best purchase yet. Scrumptious recipes. I have panjacks on my list to try soon. I don’t think they look half bad. 🙂

  3. Amen! I am taking Paula Jones’s encouragement to heart and am cooking one or two meals a week from the cookbook. How delightful to cook these favorite dishes from my sisters! We have enjoyed Guinness Meat Pie and Cream Puffs this week and tonight we are having Spicy Tortellini Soup. After we sample each new recipe I send a thank you email to the recipe contributor to let her know how much we enjoyed it. We are truly thankful for Hot Providence!

  4. Nancy,

    What’s the best way to reach La Bella Vita to put in an out-of-town order? I’d like to purchase a few copies of the cookbook, but Ball & Cross was out, last time I checked.

    Am enjoying reading your posts. 🙂
    Moriah Barach

  5. Hi Mariah,
    I’m using Doug’s laptop because we are up in Langley, BC. The easiest way to get the cookbook would be through Canon Press since they are already set up for shipping books.

  6. I gave a copy to my 16 year old daughter for Christmas. She has been a reluctant cook in the past but she has loved this cookbook. She often reads aloud the stories behind the recipes and has commented, “These people sound like they have fun!” Having visited your community with my husband and son a couple of years ago, I know she is right!

  7. worldviewishly… I like that! Sounds like a great cookbook I need to purchase. I live by “the joy of cooking” but I need to branch out. Thanks for the recommendation.

  8. How do I get ahold of a copy of this book? I couldn’t find it on Canon Press’s website.

  9. Kristen,
    I did check with Canon, and Hot Providence is now officially out of print. So sorry you didn’t get a copy!

  10. Does “out of print” mean there won’t be any more books? My friend gave me hers for a birthday gift a few months ago, and I wanted to get her one.

  11. Yes, the bad news is that if you haven’t gotten your copy of Hot Providence, you will have to wait until someone is selling a used copy. All the copies are sold!
    And Luke & Rachel are not planning on a reprint any time soon. They, as you know, have their hands full of some other important bizness right now (namely, Evangeline, Daphne, Chloe and Titus)!

  12. Is it ok for me to give her a copy of a couple of my favorites from the book?
    (like the cinnamon rolls, the ice cream cake, and the pound cake?) I don’t want to break any copyright rules! 🙂
    FWIW, I think Rachel and Luke are so wise to concentrate their time on their little ones – time goes by way too fast.
    Also – I was trying to find a way to email you with a question. I couldn’t figure it out – then saw someone else has the same idea:) Is it possible you could send an email to me as well, when it is convenient for you?
    Thank you!

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