Give Yourself a Good Job Description

This is a pep talk I gave somewhere about how God takes the tasks that we do (as we offer them up to Him), no matter how mundane they may seem to us, and He uses them to transform the culture around us.

Women often give themselves a poor job description. This happens all the time. (“I’m just a stay-at-home mom. Excuse me for living.”) But God has given us good work to do and we should realize how much He values it and how effective it really is.

Scripture tells women to adorn themselves in good works (1 Tim. 2:9-10). A couple chapters later in 1 Timothy, we see what kind of woman can be added to the list of widows the church supports: if she is “well reported of for good works”…such as (and this is very important)……

1. bringing up children

2. lodging strangers

3. washing the saints’ feet

4. relieving the afflicted

5. diligently following every good work.

Women are a huge resource in the church. As we embrace the jobs that God has given us, it is transforming us, our families, our church, and our town. It’s totally out of our hands.

Consider some of the women Paul makes mention of.

In Romans 16 Paul refers to several women who have helped him:

Phoebe our sister, a servant of the church, a helper of many and of Paul also.

Priscilla was called one of his fellow workers who laid down her own neck for his life (and the church met in her home).

And he mentions Mary “who bestowed much labor on us.”

Ruth had a well-known reputation: “For all the city of my people doth know that thou art a virtuous woman.”

As we serve one another, this knits us together in love, confirms our family relationship to one another, and builds a healthy sturdy church. It is invisible, but by faith we see it.

Young women: you are able to help your mothers at home with this and learn from them how to do it.

Mothers: As you keep feeding your children, behold, they do grow! Keep your homes, build your homes. All your washing and shopping and planning and cooking and cleaning and swatting is used by God to make faithful homes and faithful children.

Unmarried women: Participate in the life of the church; embrace domesticity; learn from the older women; teach the younger women.

Widows: You may still be contributing to the life of the church by means of hospitality (even if it is just a cup of tea), encouraging the younger women to keep pressing on, sharing your stories and wisdom, getting to know younger families, and participating as much as you are able in the life of the church.

Remember the seasons of our lives change. What you are doing now won’t be what you are doing in just a few years. Things change. Keep thinking long-term. God takes our little labors and multiplies the fruit of them.

Showers, weddings, potlucks, ladies’ fellowship meetings, sabbath dinners, meals for needy families; these are all potent things, powerful things when we do them unto the Lord to glorify and please Him. They are not ends in themselves. As we give ourselves away, we find we have more, not less.

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5 thoughts on “Give Yourself a Good Job Description

  1. Women are embracing these truths and it is transforming homes and therefore the church slowly but surely. This is grand! Thank you, Nancy, for spurring us all on in the great work the Lord has given wives and mothers.

  2. Thanks, Mrs Wilson, for a great post highlighting the feminine role in the home and church.

    I used to put “Domestic Engineer” as my occupation on my children’s birth certificates (at least the first 3) but I found that, somehow, the title made me feel like I was *competing* on a worldly playing field (ie. I am valuable because I am an engineer). Can’t remember what I put for baby #3, but for at least the last two, my occupation has been listed as Wife and Mother. I guess I am at peace (and more – even delighted) to be distinguished in my feminine calling. Does that make sense? Others, of course, may not feel the same way. Just a personal observation. Maybe I’m a little weird!

    In Him


  3. I love your post. Not because I’m a man and don’t want to do the work my wife does, but because I know that without her I would be lost. We have 2 kids and they are a 24 hour a day job. Since the day we found out my wife was pregnant with our first blessing, I told her that I will work for the money for our family. It has been that way for 9 years last January, untill I got laid off. Since I was at home all day long with not much to do I tried to do her job, to make my self useful. Within the first few days I fell in love with her all over again and I was reminded why I married her (still not sure why she chose to marry me). There is no price on what mothers do day in and day out to keep a household on track. Every morning I wakeup and see her beautiful face next to me I tank God for the 3 angels in my life.

    Blessed father, and husband.

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