Jammy Rides

A bunch of you have heard me write or talk about the jammy ride. But I feel I should bring it up just in case someone out there doesn’t know what a jammy ride is.  Or perhaps  you’ve forgotten about it. I would hate to feel like anyone was going to live through another summer with little kids around and not have at least one jammy ride.

Here’s what it is. We would get the kids bathed and jammied and put in bed and prayed over and then we would say our goodnights. A few minutes later my husband would holler, “Jammy ride!” and the kids would all tumble out of bed and come running. Then we would pack them up into the car and head off somewhere usually involving ice cream followed by a drop-in on the grandparents.

I tell you those were the big hits. If it was cold or snowy out, we threw an afghan or blanket in the back with the kids. If it was summertime, it was usually still light out and tough for the kids to get to sleep anyway.

There. My conscience is clear. Now you have no excuse for not scheduling at least one jammy ride this summer!

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10 thoughts on “Jammy Rides

  1. We love doing Jammy rides with our kids, one of the best things we’ve learned from you all :o)! Here’s to making our children’s souls fat!

  2. We learned of Jammy rides from you years ago and have had many. It seems to have been forgoten lately. I think it needs to be revived. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. Awesome. That sounds like a fantastic thing for us to do with our kiddos this summer! And it reminds me of some distant, almost forgotten, but very joyous memories of my own childhood. May we all bring try to think back and remember those wonderful things our own parents did to “fatten our souls” when we were little.

  4. We used to do jammy rides quite frequently when someone had a hard time going to sleep–I think they were more for my sanity than anything else, b/c only our oldest remembers them! Definitely something to do again–thanks for the reminder! I kinda miss Dairy Queen Butterfinger Blizzards, come to think of it!

  5. Our kids love these! We just had one the other night. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea. Hopefully someday our children will pass on the tradition and we will have grandkids showing up at our door, Sonic Blast in hand!

  6. Thank you so much for your blog. I love reading all of your great ideas. I’ve been a passive reader for almost a year and “Jammie Rides” compelled me to finally comment. Growing up, my family had a slightly different version. On or around the week of our birthday my parents would “kidnap” us. They would wake us up very early and before we had a chance to get out of our jammies or shower or brush our hair they would throw us in the car and take us out for breakfast. This was particularly memorable during my highschool years. Several of my close girlfriends also received the royal treatment once or twice. Wonderful!

  7. It’s funny, as a kid I always thought my dad invented jammy rides. But in my mind he was always the inventor of anything wonderful. I was quite certain he invented s’mores!

  8. Bethany and I have taken the kids on several Jammy Rides – inspired by the story on either Foundations of Fatherhood or the Pleasant Home series. The boys love ’em!

  9. You inspired us.
    We have no grandparents present to be the receivers of our clan on a Jammy Ride. However, McDonald’s stood in as a surrogate, and we left our healthy, from-scratch sensibilities at home in bed sleeping. Our kids were a riot, and I wrote a silly poem about our first Jammy Ride, and took pictures! I have posted it on our blog http://thorburnfamily.com
    I also talked w/church friends in our town about the adults scheming for a once-monthly (but no set day, so it is a surprise) Jammy Nite, on which we will all wake our kids and end up in our jammies at one person’s house for ice cream. Each month, the children will not know to whose they are going, and what a great tradition is born! Thanks, Nancy. It was a blast.
    Anna in New Hampshire (wife 19 years, mom of five)

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