Think Easter Dresses

Guess what. No, no, you’ll never get it. I’ll just go ahead and tell you. I’m about to fire up a blog post merely to tell you that you need to go look at Amoretti. See? Told you you’d be shocked at me acting that out of character.

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3 thoughts on “Think Easter Dresses

  1. Mrs. Merkel,

    I think your dresses, skirts, shirts, etc. are just lovely! Sadly though, they only come in girls’ sizes. At 18 I don’t think I could fit into one if I tried! (Well, technically I could, but I don’t think it would be good advertising for Amoretti.) Do you have any plans to produce a Juniors or Misses line? I have several friends who were wondering the same thing; we could give you plenty of business!

    If not, I look forward to buying Amoretti clothing someday for any daughters who might be in my future.

    Thanks for producing such modest clothing! It’s very refreshing.

  2. I am just going to echo Christine’s lament above… not for myself, but for my daughter. My youngest girlie has just grown out of most girls’ sizes (she can wear a few brands that go up to a sz18 or 20.) The outfit above looks positively darling though… in fact so darling that I won’t torture myself by going and looking at the rest of the line;)

  3. Oh yes! I join my voice with the ladies above. I see that my oldest daughter, now 14, and her friends have hard time finding modest clothing…Have you consider a line for misses?

    Do you ship international?


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