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From time to time I coast on over to some of your blogs, and you readers are a very interesting and diverse group of ladies. So I am inviting you all to a blog party hosted by the Femina Girls. (This was Heather’s good idea.) I will hang the streamers, Bekah will make the coffee, Heather’s making some killer rum cake, and Rachel is just going to sit on the couch and knit (she’s entitled to this since she is seven months along).

How do you come to this party? Well, just drop a comment introducing yourself (a couple of sentences would do it), tell us about your blog, and leave a link. Then we can tour the readers’ blogs and get to know each other. You can even post a note on your blog to all the Femina readers if you want. Maybe Valerie can figure out how to post a group wave. See you here!

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126 thoughts on “Tour the Readers’ Blogs

  1. Well gosh, talk about embarrassing . . . because somehow it seems embarrassing to be one of the first to broadcast your blog . . . but here I am, cozied up with my husband as he Sabbath-relaxes watching Lonesome Dove and I relax on the computer.

    Phil and I have two nearly preschool boys and a menagerie of animals, and we live in Moscow; which is lovely.

  2. Very fun idea! I have also had a lot of fun perusing the various blogs linked in the comments. I don’t have a blog, but my girls do and are also readers here…they like the photos, fashion links to Amoretti, and also the recipes.

    They post anonymously as Polkie and Dottie.

    (I think that you have a Lucia in the grandkids set?? That was fun for us to learn as one of my girls has that as a middle name…It was her Italian Nana’s first name.)

  3. I’m Tammy. I’m the mother of ten children whom I’ve been homeschooling for 21 years. We live on a small farm which helps provide for the needs of our large family. I don’t have a blog, but I do read your regularly. πŸ™‚

  4. Aloha from tsunami-free Hawaii! πŸ™‚ I’m married to a naval aviator and am a homeschooling mom and Latin teacher at a classical Christian school. I read your blog regularly, and I enjoyed hearing you speak at a Veritas conference a few years ago.

  5. I’m Amanda. I started my blog in 2008 when I made (and met) a goal of reading 200 books. It was quite the adventure and I still blog about my reading, my sons, and my experiences in graduate school. Thank you for the welcome here Nancy, I’ve been reading “Femina” since it was first a column in Credenda (I think I was about 10 years old) and you have blessed my life greatly.

  6. I’m Shannon, mom of 5 (ages 5 and under). My husband and I church planted in Bellingham, Washington this last summer and have seen the Lord’s faithfulness. I use my blog to document life with my family, don’t want to forget these times- they are good and crazy times! I also love taking pictures, so it’s a good place to put them. Your words have always been an encouragement to me- thank you!

  7. Hi!

    I’m Claire. I’m very happily married to a marvelous man and am a mother of two (as far as we know :-D). We are members of a CREC church in Northern California. I am very excited to “join the party”! My part-time blog is

    Um…if I promise to bring a strawberry-rhubarb pie (from scratch, mind you), do you think I could sit with Rachel and have her teach me how to knit? Maybe? πŸ˜‰

  8. I’m Addy. I enjoy Femina and sometimes covet the wares in the Amoretti shop. πŸ™‚ I did make my girls gypsy skirts this weekend with a little inspiration from Bekah….

    I’m a homeschooling mom of 3 and wife of a music composer and professor.

    I blog rather infrequently, but you’re welcome to pop over and see the archives!

    Thanks for your blog, ladies!

  9. This is fun! Looking forward to reading everyone’s blogs πŸ˜€

    Live in northern Japan. Mom of five. Second generation homeschooler. Home church is All Saints Presbyterian, CREC.

    Blog posts run the gambit between crazy things my kids say (like declaring ice cream to be a “boneless” food) to longer, more theological posts. When I write, I am mindful about the goal of encouraging others – especially women – in the Lord. I also have a monthly themed care package giveaway.

  10. I am a grandmother and titled “The Queen of Fun” by my Bible study girlfriends. My motto is — it’s not done if it’s not fun. Using that philosophy we built our leadership up from new leaders every year to a solid leadership team that chooses each year to “re-up”. It has created stability.
    One example — each year we have a chili cook-off for the husbands and a lovely prize (not really) for the guy with the ugliest tie. The decorations are packages of Tums, Pepto Bismol and a couple of fire extinguishers.
    I am the President of a consulting company (FUN-damentals) that teaches groups (corporations, women’s ministries etc.) how to integrate fun into their culture.
    Listen, if Christians aren’t practicing joy – who is?

  11. I like this party!

    I’m Katie. I’m the wife of a Polish man who sometimes says things like “King Burger”. I love it, and I love him.

    I started my blog because my sister and Mom started blogs and we were going to use them to “keep up” with each other. But I’m the only one who kept writing. So it kind of turned into a journal, only I try to make the posts useful, interesting, or at least amusing for anyone who might read it.

    And for the most part, the post are very brief.

  12. I love Femina and have been a dedicated reader either online or in Credenda for years and years. I am always either challenged or encouraged, sometimes both. Here’s my little contribution to the blogosphere:
    I started this to just help me remember; remember God’s faithfulness and the little things that give me delight.
    Thanks to all the Femina women!

  13. Hi Femina ladies-

    I am Amy, wife to a Steve who is a helicopter pilot in the AF, mama to 18. We have been readers of your books and Credenda Agenda for a long time. We also run a small family farm and attend a CREC church in the Spokane area. Looking forward to reading a few new blogs…

  14. We are a Reformed, Presbyterian, and homeschooling family with eight children ages 10 and under. Several of our children have life-threatening food allergies.

    Though I don’t post often, I do make time to read “Femina” regularly and often suggest that my blog readers check out your latest posts. Thank you for all the challenging and encouraging words!

  15. Wow, this is such a great idea, I’m so excited to visit all the links πŸ™‚ I’m Nikki from Denver and have had a blog for a little over 3 years. It’s mostly a crafty blog, with a lot of recipes and family ideas thrown in there too. I stay home with my three little ones and plan on homeschooling, so reading some of the above blogs may provide some valuable info for me!
    Thanks for hostessing!

  16. Hello! My name is Kiersten. I’m wife to Sean, mother to 4. We school our little ones at home and enjoy worship and fellowship with God’s people. We had the privilege of meeting some of the Femina clan during a CREC general assembly cookout a couple years ago. I run two blogs, a hobby blog for knitting/spinning/dyeing, and a family blog that is more reflective of daily activity and projects. They can be found at and

    Thank you for inviting us to your party!

  17. What a fun idea! I live in West Virginia with my husband of 22years, a Latin and Greek teacher extraordinaire. I teach music history and theory on-line and homeschool my 13yo daughter. I have another daughter who recently married right out of high school. She was homeschooled too. I just started my blog in January and am still trying to figure out what I want it to be, so please be gentle, ladies. πŸ™‚ My blog address is

    We first became familiar with Doug and Nancy Wilson in 1995 when my husband went to work for a classical and Christian school. We even had dinner with Doug once. πŸ™‚ I appreciate your blog, Nancy, and the practicial wisdom you offer.

  18. True confessions: I only have a blog because I wanted to be able to enter the Amoretti Fortnightly Purse! My husband helped me to establish it but I haven’t really done anything with it since. I’m not sure why but maybe it’s because I’m married (24 years by God’s grace) and have five children and direct a local Classical Conversations community. πŸ™‚ We attend a local independent Baptist church and I love to glean from Nancy’s gentle, wise counsel as well as smile at Bekah’s witticisms and get inspired by her creativity. It is a joy to see a mom and her daughters and daughter-in-law loving and encouraging one another and other women. Keep up the great work!

  19. Thanks for hosting such a lovely gathering! Although, I may blame you for the increase in “wasted” time reading fabulous blogs this week! πŸ™‚ My name is Barbara and I have a wonderful husband, and 7 children. We are a homeschool family as well, and are really loving it! Reading this blog has been a real encouragement lately. I’ve read several “Wilson” books and am thrilled to have nearly daily bits to enjoy here and at Blog-Mablog. Keep up the good work! And ladies, nice to meet all of you πŸ™‚

  20. Oh, fun! This rum cake is fantastic, thank you.

    I am Morgan, 31 year old pastor‘s wife, and mama to three wilds that we are attempting to submerse in a Christian classical education at home. While remodeling. And sharing the chaos with my parents. And a boarder. We did get rid of our cat, though. My blog gets updated with great stories and pictures of our kids at LEAST once a year. πŸ™‚ Maybe I should work on that.

    We love most all that God is doing through the Wilsons – our particular baptist corner has been brightened beyond measure with what you teach and remind. Thank you!

    Off to read all the comments.

  21. My mother died suddenly in November 2008 when her heart valve collapsed without any signs that she was sick. Then Jan 2, 2009 our toddler was hospitalized with virulent bacterial pneumonia, requiring surgery and IV antibiotics. After 6 days in the hospital (doctors thought he’d be there for 3 weeks), we had to do home health for 3 1/2 weeks (doctors thought it would be much longer). During the home health phase, my husband told me I needed to blog. So, I started Rivendellchick to share my thoughts of God’s faithfulness and love and to give testimony that He never leaves us even in our pain and grief.

    Femina is my favorite place on the web!

  22. Well, thank you for the invitation and the get-together!

    I just celebrated my 30th wedding anniversary in December and have 3 boys, ages 25, 22, and 16. The middle son just got married in August, so we’re having fun figuring out how to be good in-laws.

    I’ve been a stay-at-home mom since my first pregnancy, love working with the ladies’ group and missions ministries at church, and have been blogging for 3 1/2 years about family, things the Lord is teaching me, and a variety of fun stuff at

  23. hey girlies. what a fun idea. i’m gina and i blog about life and whatever makes it beautiful,interesting and fun for our family. also, things we like to eat, make, learn, listen to, read and watch. i think that about covers it. well, i hate to eat and run, but thanks for the invite!

  24. I’m Leslie. I am mother and teacher to my four children. I teach other groups, too, though: I lead a girl scout troop, a creative writing class, and K & 1st grade Sunday School for my church. Learning and teaching are two of my passions. The name of my blog is Alabamenagerie. As you can probably guess, I live in Alabama. πŸ™‚ I blog about whatever strikes my fancy, but mostly what I’m reading. I wrote a review for one of your books recently.

  25. Hi! Fun, Fun, Fun. I know what I’m doing during my naptime coffee break the next few days! I hope the rum cake stays around that long. *hiccup*

    I’m Kathleen, wife to David, mother of 3 boys–9, 7, and 5–and one little girl, who is 2.

    My blog is a plethora of miscellany–Suzuki violin and piano, homeschooling, Classical education, farm life, soap making, recipes, and, of course, links to Femina and Blog and Mablog on posts that touch my heart. :0)

    Thank you for hosting, and thank you for your constant stream of encouragement!!!

  26. Hello from Arkansas! I read your blog daily and often quote it on my blog. Through your blog I found ND Wilson’s books. My family has read them and I often give them as gifts. I blog about life so that my family and friends can keep up with my family and me.

  27. Hi! I’m a faithful reader and very occasional commenter. We are a homeschooling family of eight (our oldest child is nine), and my husband does remodeling. We are privileged to worship with the CREC here in Searcy, Arkansas, and are very thankful for the way God has used your family in the development of both our home and our church family. I like to use my blog as a family scrapbook, converting it to print form each year.

  28. Oh how fun! I am Crystal, and I live in North Carolina with my wonderful husband who is a pastor and my two energetic little boys.

    I began my blog several years ago in order to keep in touch and share things with our family who all live out of town. Over time it has evolved into a bit more than that, but it’s been a place for me to share my thoughts through the good times and the bad.

  29. What a fun idea! I’m Jessica from northwestern Montana. My husband and I have been married for almost 5 years, and we have three little munchkins, ages 3, 2 and 9 months. We are currently living in an 800-square-foot basement apartment belonging to my parents, which they have kindly allowed us to inhabit while we build our house. Lord willing, we’ll be moving into our new place sometime this spring or summer!

    I was introduced to Femina a couple years ago by my sister-in-law Rayia and have visited it regularly ever since. Thank you Mrs. Wilson for sharing your encouragement and wisdom. As a young wife and mom I have been so blessed by your writing. Thank you Rachel for your awesome recipes; your brownies are now famous at our church. And thank you Rebekah for making me laugh so hard that I cry; your posts always seem to arrive at just the right moment!

    I don’t blog very frequently…mommyhood keeps me busy. But anyone is welcome to peruse my archives. πŸ™‚

  30. Great idea! A friend just shared your blog with me and I was delighted to find it. I look forward to seeing what other blogs are out there.

    I have four children and I am very blessed to be a stay-at-home mom. They are being classically educated at home. What a journey and we are loving it!

    My blog is I always try to make it a point to say that I am seeking “just His best” in all things, not that I always get it right. I am still a sinner and of course,just because I have been called to something doesn’t mean that is His best for others. Does that make sense??? πŸ™‚

    Happy Sunday. Off to make my grocery list and prepare for the upcoming week!

  31. I’m a wife to one, mother of three, and a fairly new member of a CREC church in Mississippi.

    I basically blog so I won’t forget these years – about family, food, church life, parenting, and the works.

    I love reading Femina –

  32. I am a busy little Christian homemaker: wife to one increasingly Christlike husband and mama to six sweet babies. Five of our babies have preceded us to the realms of Glory, and one of them is my constant earthly companion (at currently 21 months old). I blog about family life (pictures and stories), things I do (gardening, cooking, fellowshipping), things I read (I love to share quotes and excerpts), & things I think (as I struggle and grow and learn more about Christ each day through His word, His creation, His people). I have a big heart for other bereaved mamas, and speak fairly openly about my struggles (both physical and emotional); I pray that the Lord would use my family’s experiences of grief to minister to others in the Kingdom, encourage them with the comfort with which He has encouraged us, and to proclaim the Gospel of the Kingdom (both in heaven and on earth).
    It’s so nice to see everyone today! Thanks for the coffee and cake. πŸ˜‰

  33. Could I have a piece of that rum cake? Yum!

    I’m Joy, married to David, a pastor, for 33 wonderful years, mother of 9, grandmother of 1 sweet, fat 2 month old, who we are going to visit soon in Canada. We’ve been homeschooling for almost 23 years and we love every minute of it!

    I don’t have anything profound on my blog, but I enjoy doing it. It’s just a sort of scrapbook of our family happenings and recipes.

    I’ve been reading Doug and your books for years, but just found your blog a few months ago. I love seeing photos of your family and especially the grandchildren (hint, hint).

    Thanks for inviting us to the party!

  34. I’m Teri and I’m glad to meet you all. I appreciate you Femina Ladies and the good work you do, your wisdom and the chuckles.

    I’ve kept my blog semi-private for years and I rarely post the link anywhere. Shy, I guess. But I feel quite friendly with you all – so, welcome! If I knew you were coming I’d have baked something special for the front page. I think you’ll just get my pets, unless…no, dinner needs me…you get the pets. But feel free to poke around. ; )

    I’ve enjoyed looking in at the blogs posted here. Great idea, Heather! I’ll go back for more after the kids are in bed.

  35. I should probably stop by for a second here, since I’ve been reading this blog for pretty much ever, and the Femina column in Credenda even longer. Mrs. Wilson, thanks for all the encouragement and the challenges!

    My own blog is kind of like that pet you had for a day when you were a kid and only remember when it happens to show up in an old photograph. I started it one summer to share (thoughts, pictures, poems) with a couple friends and sisters, got too busy, and every 6 months or so remember that it even exists. And then I only sometimes add anything to it.

    I am one of 17 children (plus 3 in heaven) in our clan in NE Washington state. The beauty and chaos of the world is my delight – community, working in the kitchen, college classes, weather, long stories and short poems, music, my family. God’s world is fat and glorious words come to life.

  36. Love your blog! I’m often challenged, encouraged, and inspired. I was wondering though if you were thinking of linking your blog to a facebook page? It would be great, if you could that!

    Nancy – do you ever go to churches and speak at conferences? If you do, is there any other way one can contact you? I’m sorry, I just had to ask. πŸ™‚

    And of course I have no blog…so I guess that makes me a party crasher! Umm,I’ll leave now! ;D

  37. I’ve been reading since a friend gave me Mrs. Wilson’s books when I was engaged 7 years ago. I’m Catherine, have been married 6 1/2 years, and have three children ages 4, 2 1/2, and 14 months. I blog about motherhood, reading, writing, dabbling in other creative endeavors, homeschool preschool and other things I’m thinking about.

    The blog title comes from a Montaigne quote: A spirited mind never stops within itself…

    Thank you for your excellent and thought-provoking blog. I look forward to checking out the other blogs above!

  38. I’m a 35-year old mother of three very young boys with another baby coming at the end of summer. In my previous life I was a fine-artist and avid reader especially of theology and creative non-fiction. I am a Minneapolis transplant that grew up on a family farm in Illinois and later wandered around the country for a good decade applying to grad schools until my dashing husband interrupted my indecisions.

  39. Hi my name is Nikki and I have three little boys and one little girl on the way who is due in June (Can I get a Whoo-hoo!). My oldest is not yet five so I can kinda relate to Rachel (although she has twins so, she definitely beats me). I’ve been reading Femina pretty much since it started and I LOVE your blog. Thanks for sharing with all of us. I started my blog less than a year ago and it’s a fun writing outlet for me…I usually need to get some words out somewhere. You can find me at I like to post all sorts of different stuff on there from funny stories about my kids to stuff I’m thinking about and learning. I also like to cook and bake so it’s fun to put recipes up too. I live in Northern California and attend a CREC church here. Thanks for inviting all of us to do this!

  40. Oh, what a jolly idea this is! Hello everyone!
    The femina ladies all know me (hello), but for everyone else, my name is Rayia, I live here in beautiful Moscow, Idaho, have two darling kidos and am married to the most amazing husband. I love to create in all forms…decorating, crafts, cooking, writing, flowers, photography, sewing, design and on and on (I get this from my mother). My blog was started to share a bit of all the things I love. Mrs. Wilson and her amazing daughters have inspired me in more ways that I can count!
    It was something Mrs. Wilson taught me that inspired the name (of my blog) The Fullness of Joy and how to live like that. Rebekah inspires me to laugh at life and stretch my crafting limit. Heather inspires me to be fearless and try new things. And Rachel inspires me to live lovely! Thank you, Femina gals!

  41. Esme,
    This is the kind of party that you can’t crash. All readers are welcome.
    To answer your question about conferences: yes, I have done ladies’s conferences. Doug and I decided long ago that we wanted to connect my ministry very visibly to his, so it is common for me to speak to the women when he is doing a conference for a church. But I have also done a few ladies’ conferences that were stand-alone events. In those cases, Doug was also along on the same trip, but doing some of his own speaking. I would be no good at all without him, and the thought of traveling around the country by myself to speak on being a good wife (ha!) is something neither of us would like. So there’s a longish answer to your question. However, I have been thinking lately of hosting a Femina conference right here in Moscow. I wonder, would any of you ladies want to come visit us if we hosted such an event? Still just brainstorming status.

  42. Hi my name is Laura. I first “met” the Wilson’s when my Dad gave me an article from Credenda to read, that was in the early 90’s I think. They introduced me to Classical Ed. and I eventually became a principal of a Classical Christian School. I actually met you and your husband, Nancy, when I was the principal at the school in St. Louis Mo. Doug spoke at our school and we had dinner with you. The Lord answered my almost life long prayer for a husband when I was 38 and didn’t make us wait any time at all before He blessed us with a child. I’m now a homemaker who resides in NC and love almost every minute of it. My blog is mostly just pictures. I blog so that my family, all of whom live in St. Louis, can enjoy watching William grow up.

    Thanks for hosting the party. Wish I could have a piece of that Rum cake. Since we can’t actually taste it, how about posting the recipe?

  43. My name’s Kara. I’m a Kansas girl living in Australia with my wonderful husband, John. We’re about to celebrate our 9 month wedding anniversary. I find joy in keeping the home, cooking for guests, and studying the Bible with others. (my husband is the minister of a Pressie church)

    My blog, Biblio-File, is about books. Posting has slowed down since the wedding, but I still write occasionally. The most surprising outcome of becoming a blogger is that it is how I met John. πŸ™‚

    My sister and I also share a blog, about our cooking and sewing endeavours. (

  44. Now, I have actually had Heather’s rum cake, and so my only lament about this (otherwise very admirable) party is that it’s all so virtual.

    I hail from the West Coast, but have been in Moscow for about eight years now, thanks to all sorts of plot twists my husband and I would never have imagined eight years ago when he was thinking of being a pastor. He is, instead, a photographer. And we have five sweet kiddos, and life is very good.

  45. I enjoy your blog! My name is Renee and I am a homeschooling mom of three and wife to Andy. I dreamed of homeschooling since 1994 when I read Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning (I was not yet married). Enjoyed four years of teaching after marriage at a classical school, then we had our first child. I was thrilled to find your blog and enjoy many of your posts. Thanks for writing!

  46. Mrs. Wilson,

    I would definitely attend a Femina conference in Moscow!!! It would be a twofold treat for me…I’d get to attend the conference and visit my lovely sister-in-law.

  47. No coffee for me, thanks. But sure I’ll have a slice of cake! Fun idea…thanks Femina!

    My blog started shortly after my husband and I moved to Grand Rapid, Michigan so he could attend seminary. ( It was a way to keep our family and friends updated and is a smattering of family updates, crafty adventures and random thoughts.

    Can’t wait to see some of the other reader’s blogs…off I go!

  48. Hi Femina Girls!
    What a great idea! And completely original as far as I know – I’ve never heard of a blog party before.

    Well, here goes!
    I’m Lowri, I’m 24 years old, I live in a town called Bridgend in South Wales, UK. I work for a Christian Charity as an administrator and spend my spare time writing articles and book reviews for a Christian Newspaper. I foudn Femina through reading Doug Wilson’s blog, after happening upon Evanjellyfish, his e-novel. It’s great to read your posts girls, I hopet o see you at my blog soon.

  49. Yum, coffee and cake please!

    My blog is a mishmash of sporadic knitting projects, books I’ve read, baby updates, and the occasional reflection on the bigger world. I think my family occasionally reads it but I’m not sure who else does.

  50. What fun! Look at all these comments!

    I started a simple blog mostly to practice photography, and because all of our extended family lives out-of-state and they enjoy keeping up with how the children are growing. I post pictures of our children, our life, my sewing projects, and sometimes I write.

    I think my biggest blog fan is my mom, which is wonderful. πŸ™‚

    Off to read more new blogs! Thanks for this opportunity, Mrs. Wilson!

  51. Hello from the Frozen Fingerlakes! The snow is about two feet deep here and the dog found a skunk to pray him this morning so spring must be nigh.

    I like your blog, and Mr. Wilson’s. We very much like Nate’s books. And Mr. Wilson’s. And I sometimes wish my daughter were still small so she could fit in the lovely Amoretti clothing.

    Abstractions is over seven years old and is what the name implies: bits from our life.

    Thank you!

  52. Great idea, Heather! Very generous and hospitable.

    My blog, Magistra Mater, is five years old. Although I’m not as active a blogger as I once was, I love books, quotes, simple pleasures and fine art.

    I have a little box on the side, Best Of, which saves you time slogging through the daily stuff.

  53. I read more than I post comments. I go to a CREC church in Oregon City, Reformation Covenant Church. You came and spoke to a couple of my daughters (and other girls) at our “Future Women’s Camp” last year. I have a sporadic blog that is just mainly family updates and such.
    It’s nice to meet you!

  54. For some reason the comments seem to have separated into two pages, and I can’t see the first page… I’m only seeing the last 7 comments, but it says there are 57.

  55. 57 comments! (And Bekah didn’t even have to spout off to make it happen!) However, only 7 comments are showing up on my computer. Is that intentional? Just thought I’d mention it in case there’s a glitch.

    Oh, and I do have a blog, too. But you know me from of old. I’m mainly showing up for the rum cake! (After Heather refused to share the top secret family recipe, I spent a highly unsuccessful hour on the internet trying to find a recipe to approximate it. Ah well. Thanks for the memories!)

  56. What a fun idea! Thank you for hosting such a marvelous virtual party!
    I’m relatively new to blogging – less than a year. I have 2 set up, one for our random life stuff (Bible Study, Home schooling and family related) and one for my sewing/quilting projects.
    I think I’m relatively anonymous thus far… though I suppose this posting could change that fact! πŸ™‚
    Blessings to all!

  57. Hola,

    I am a happy Wife to my Beloved Husband and Mom of 4.(the oldest is planning to attend NSA!) I am from Mexico city, live here and love to write about my life under the sun daily on my way to heaven..I know that all that I am and all I have is by His grace, and that’s why my song is all about.

    Why do I write in English? Well..I have lots of great friends that doesn’t speak Spanish πŸ™ and like to follow my journey, that’s why.

    Or if you’d like to practice your Spanish, you’ll find me here:

    Thank you!

  58. I don’t blog per se, although am on Femina’s blogroll, Santa Cruz Books. I do love reading everyones when I have time and since I am Heather’s mother and gave her the rum cake recipe, I want to join in on the fun!

    By the way, I am only seeing 10 of the 57 comments. Hannah, I will make a rum cake for you when you visit Santa Cruz!

  59. What an absolutely lovely idea!

    (Ahem) I started my blog back in my mercifully abbreviated grad school days when I first got married. It’s Common Tricks because when I started it I was thinking “everyone has these little tricks they use to get through life -whether it’s dishes or forgiving your neighbor. I want a space to figure out what my tricks are.” Mostly I post interesting links, musings on life or what I’ve been reading, camping/trip related posts, and the odd recipe. Just your typical blog πŸ™‚ Not many pics. I like blogs with lots of pictures, but somehow I tend to be very wordy instead.

    Here’s a post you might be interested in because it’s a response to couple of femina posts that I really appreciated:

  60. We do seem to be a diverse group, and the ways God has used to bring us together in this abstract cyberspace are indeed remarkable.

    Given the sentence above, it’s no wonder that my blog includes my poetry and fiction, excerpts from books I’m reading, and life posts chronicling my random travel.

  61. What a great idea! Hi! I’m Mandie and my husband Tim and I have 4 kids and we live in Colorado Springs. I began our blog “Tim and Mandie’s Little Flock” back in summer of ’06 when my parents moved across the ocean to Kauai, HI. I love blogging so they (and others) can keep up with our growing family. I’d love to have y’all stop by for a visit!

  62. What a great idea πŸ™‚ My blog is fun family pic’s and some pretty random thoughts of mine with a smattering of Spurgeon quotes to add a generous cupful of heartiness to it. I’ll take a slice of rum cake, oh, and I like my coffee black πŸ™‚

  63. Faithful Femina reader here! I’m just going to take the lazy way out and copy and paste my bio straight from my blog: a military brat turned Southerner; English turned history major; Covenant College grad turned wife; legal assistant turned mother of four. Also, for reformed circles context, my maiden name is Rayburn.

  64. Is the coffee still hot? I am the well loved wife of a Reformed Baptist pastor in Northwest FL, and mother to five beautiful children. Come on by for a visit!
    (I may blog but I am not technically savvy so I’ll post the link in case there isn’t some kind of cyber magic that happened when I filled in the required fields above πŸ™‚
    Now, off to get lost blog hopping!

  65. Fun! I’ll play! It’s, and it’s where I write, quote, link, and ramble about life from the perspective of a young wife and mother.

  66. This IS a great idea!
    I am Missy, and I thought it would be fun and challenging to try to run a marathon last year, and to read 100 books (this was inspired by Mandi at 100 Books). I am also educating my 6 kids at home.
    I also enjoy hopping around to look at some of you ladies blogs, and they are very encouraging and inspirational.

    I would like to add that my very favorite thing about blogging has been the way it has connected me to other delightful people. My family has moved quite a bit, over 11 area codes, and my blog has been a surprising blessing in the way it has helped us to stay connected with people we love.

  67. Fun! Who can resist a good party? I am wife to one, mother of three, and I started a blog (surprising even myself)at the request of several older ladies from my last church after we moved away. It really is a place to keep adopted grandmothers and friends informed about our fairly uneventful life. Your blog is a delightful mix of advice, encouragement, fun, and of course debate thrown in for good measure. Thanks for sharing, and for hosting the blog tour.

  68. Hi everyone — my name is Monica, and Nancy is my very sweet sister-in-law. So that makes the other three Femina Girls my sweet nieces. I started my blog pretty much on a whim one day, not really knowing where it would go. It has really been a fun adventure, and I’m so glad that I started it. I know many of you already visit my blog, and I really enjoy your visits. Now, please pass the rum cake — that sounds delicious.

  69. Rum cake? That sounds wonderful.

    I’m Annie Barlow, a displaced Southerner living in St. Louis, Missouri. We came here for my husband to get an M.Div. and stayed so that he could get his Ph.D. in Historical Theology. We probably would have stuck around, anyway, because we love St. Louis. My blog is basically comprised of recipes that I want to share, items that I’ve found interesting, and funny things that my boys have done lately. I also talk about autism from time to time since 3 of my 4 boys are on the spectrum.

    That’s about it. Thanks so much for this blog and for the blog tour. πŸ™‚

  70. I’m one of those native Moscow people and my little (and sporadically updated) blog is a mix of things I like to cook, things I like to sew, and kids I like to take pictures of (who also happen to be mine).

  71. Coffee, rum cake, and the possibility to watch someone knit (and hopefully learn over the shoulder) –count me in!

    I became acquainted with y’all when David presented me with some of your tapes on marriage so that I could unlearn the models I grew up with–somewhere around our second date. πŸ™‚ He found about y’all through Recovering The Lost Tools…

    My blog, like many here, is just to keep family updated and some of my thoughts as I’m working through something spill over into it. πŸ™‚

  72. I try to follow the articles and other things posted on femina as I find them so helpful and fun. I don’t get to read everything for lack of time. I do a blog just for the purpose of posting pictures of our family for our distant extended family. It’s a great way to keep up with everyone since we live so far away.
    I am a pastor’s wife and homeschooling my 6 small children in WV.

  73. My name is Linda, and I love the femina girls!!! I am so thankful for each one! I have been married for 22 years, have 6 kids, and live in Moscow.

    How fun to check out all these blogs!


    Linda Hoffy

  74. I’ve looked at quite a few of these blogs (I know. A lot.) and I am very impressed with the photography, sewing, recipes, cute kids, and pretty sites! A lovely group, and it’s fun to see so many of us doing the same types of things – loving our families and a good meal, writing it down so we can remember these wonderful days. We’re in it together, huh?

    Nancy, I’d love to come to a Femina conference but it’s hard to travel with or without a batch of kids. But I’m certain I’d buy the audio versions. (But then again, maybe this is the excuse I’m looking for…)

  75. This is a great idea, thanks Heather. I would love to see what other ladies around here have flowing out of their fingertips.
    My little blog has thus far been a way for me to advertise for my little shop on Etsy. I rarely write much but I am growing into it.
    As for what I make, it is usually for children. I make ties for boys and men, very snazzy Wipe Clean Bibs, and my new up and coming spring addition will be the lovely Bathing Beauty Swim Suit for little ladies. Please feel free to pop on over for a visit any time. : )
    Thank you Femina Ladies for the opportunity to get to know each other a little better.

  76. Nancy, in answer to the brainstorming question you asked above: If you all had a Femina conference up in Moscow I would be interested.

  77. By the way, I must relate with those of you who feel a tad teased by the imaginary offer of Heathers Family Rum cake. I have also had Heathers Rum Cake, and have spent many hours and failed attempts at re-created that amazing cake that I have forever been divided from, in light of the fact that I was also forbidden the secrets to its success. (I promise you Heather, I am not resentful in the least, just sorry I can’t ask you to bring it for dinner at least.) I am actually salivating right now while I picture it. I’m pregnant; I can’t help the intensity of this experience. All I am saying is that if there is ever a real Femina Conference/Party, please have mercy on us and please really have the rum cake…I’d even make the latte’s and mochas. : )
    A Femina conference in Moscow would be quite something. I would really enjoy that conference; even just having the Cd’s would be a great blessing. I look forward to hearing what you all decide.

  78. Oops! Considering my name was invoked, I’m coming in awfully late to this conversation. I started my blog in 2002, though it’s been much neglected since Facebook has taken over more of my attention.

    It’s probably too late in the game to start a wave, but I do have an idea for one! It would have been fun for each poster to blog a link to Femina as well as to the two or three blogs immediately preceding in the comments. That might have created a fun ripple effect through the blogosphere.

    I made a rum cake last summer that I based on a drink called a painkiller ( I’d share the recipe, but of course I didn’t write it down and don’t remember exactly what I put in it!

  79. I first “met” you through my husband while we were engaged, about three years ago. I started reading your books (which I also love to re-read) and found your blog. It makes my day when you have a new post. I enjoy Bekah’s hilarious posts. I love to see what Rachel is up to. I am so happy for her pregnancy.

    I work with my husband in a Christian school. We have a just turned toddler and a baby on the way. I was especially inspired by (I am sorry I forget her name)’s article on drinking coffee with her husband in the morning in “Hot Providence”. It is just hard to get up that early!
    And Heather’s instructions on pizza: great!

    Sorry, no blog πŸ™ But one request: I would love to see pics of what Rachel would sell at the shop La Bella Vita when it was around, or some decorating/ flower arranging tips. From what I have seen, she has got talent πŸ˜‰ When she feels inspired sometime, keep it in mind…

    God Bless you all!

  80. What about a Femina conference in MEXICO? I always have to travel to all the conferences…now its your turn to travel…we have great places…Acapulco, Ixtapa? Even Mexico City! You are more than welcome!

    If it doesn’t work, then I will have another good excuse to travel… which I love!

  81. I am a pretty faithful femina reader in Birmingham, AL. We live in the city with our two girls and I work part time as a photographer. When I am not reading or writing or taking pictures, I think a lot about mercy and justice and redeeming the city. Blogging for more than nine years now, I write about what I’m interested in.

  82. Oh, my where has the morning gone? I have been so busy blog jumping from Idaho all the way to Japan and everywhere in between! I’m so glad you hosted this party…I’m meeting so many fun and encouraging people!

  83. Hi,
    My name is Jana, and I am the very blessed wife of Ben Alexander, and mother of Hannah, Abigail, Elijah, Julia, and Andreas. We live in Spokane, WA where my husband serves as the interim pastor at Christ Church. I use my blog mainly as a bulletin board to post pictures for my friends and family, who are spread out between Texas, Colorado, and Mongolia. Occasionally I’ll post a thought or two.
    I think I’ve had that rum cake before when Hope Brownlee baked it for us! That is, if it’s the same recipe. Good coffee has definitely added some goodness to my life…thanks to you Crystal! (I’m drinking my morning latte as I type!) Thank you Nancy, Heather, Bekah, and Rachel for your blog! It has provided some laughs and encouragement. The Lord be with you.

  84. Fun Times!

    My husband and I blog together at The Mountain and The Mole ( South Carolina. I am the mother of 4 under 6 yrs. I homeschool the oldest two. We own a used bookstore and I teach art classes there. We lived in Moscow, ID for a year and have fond memories of these ladies. I love to read your blog.

  85. Greetings from Annapolis. I’m a fellow CREC’er and mother of three (ages 17, 10, and 7). I enjoy (and blog about) humor, books, embroidery, music, and more. Thanks for inviting us to say hello!

  86. Hello, dear Femina friends!
    I’m so glad you suggested this little get together. I hope I’m not too late! My name is Maggie and Im married to a wonderful Marine and have been blessed with six great kids (ages 2-17). We are currently stationed in Camp LeJeune, NC, but all greatly miss our last home in Israel. I feel like I know you ladies from this blog, occasional opportunities to chat with Nancy and mutual friends! A slice of rum cake and hot cup of coffee sounds perfect on this rainy, cold afternoon in eastern NC. Thanks for the invite!

  87. Hi! I’m Paula and I tend to lurk more than comment, but I so enjoy reading the Femina blog! I have been married for seven years to my beloved husband. We live at a summer camp and conference center in Mississippi and have a three year old boy, a two year old girl and one due at the end of the month. I love to cook, read, write and studied graphic design. My blog is mostly writing and recipes. I tend to share whatever is going on in my head (the transparency article was a bit convicting, I suppose!), so approach with caution!

  88. Hi!
    I’m married to Nate, a wonderful man who pastors a small church in Tennessee. We have a 3 year old daughter named Suzannah.
    Seeing as Suzy has so far proved to be an only child, I do preschool with her at home. I was a preschool teacher prior to motherhood, so I really love it. I may be totally out of my depth when she gets to kindergarten, but we’re both enjoying it right now!
    My blog is sort of like little scraps of paper on which I write something I think is important, then shove in my junk drawer and forget. Quotes, funny things my daughter says, recipes, ect. Speaking of recipes, the Oxford Roast was wonderful! I’ve made it 3 times now, and it’s incredible every time!

  89. Wow… I wonder how long it will take to get through all of these! πŸ™‚ I’m a mom to 5 under 8, my husband is a pastor of our (CREC) church here in amish country (aka Indiana), and my blog is pretty much about our family life since all of our family and a lot of our friends are far away. I check femina every time there’s a new post, and I have loved all of it!

  90. Hello everyone! My name is Bekah. I am a stay at home mommy to a 5 year old girl, 4 year old boy, 1 year old girl, and with one more on the way in September. I have been married to my hubby for 6 years! My blog is about anything and everything pertaining to raising kids, spiritual battles and victories, and and pictures. I love taking pictures of my kiddos! I ready your blog almost everyday and own many of your books!! Love this idea!

  91. Hello! My name is Grace and I am the eldest of six. I started to blog and have shamefully neglected my post (pun intended, sort of). I certainly will try to update more often, seeing that my last post was riddled with technical difficulties!

    I really love all the writings you put up here! You are all so encouraging to me as a teenager.

    Grace Duke

  92. Here I am running late as always…
    my name is rachel and i am a pastor’s wife and mom of 6 with the pleasure of homeschooling. we currently live in Texas for the past 4 1/2 and am hoping this is a longterm residence. I have been reading femina for a long time and have learned a lot! thank you!
    I started 2 blogs in the spring of 2007 after our son knox died in a tragic accident at 17.5 months. I started so that we could record all the things we remembered of his short life. I think i posted almost every picture we had of him and the story to go with it with a bit of the grief journey over the first year.
    I started (it has changed names and locations multiple times) at the same time to remind me and encourage me to keep living and enjoy and cherish the 4 other children that we had at the time. It is a total mish-mash blog of cute kid pics and sayings, sewing projects, random thoughts, grief that never goes away thoughts, the occasional recipe, etc.
    looking forward to checking out others blogs when it isn’t the wee hours of the morning!

  93. I love Femina- thank you for all the crafting tips, recipes, funny stories, and encouraging words of inspiration.

    My name is Terri and I am in Spokane, where my husband is the Chief Musician at Christ Church here, and head of the music department at The Oaks Classical Christian Academy, where our son is in third grade. (How’s that for a run-on!)

    I am home with our 4-year-old daughter, who is such a delight- I feel so blessed to have a girl in the family with me! I also am a midwife apprentice and all-around birth and pregnancy junkie. So, yay for babies and bellies!

  94. I’m Franci and I live in Christchurch, New Zealand. I don’t have a blog. Yet. πŸ™‚ I’m married to Ben. We have 2 daughters, Marica (3) and Esther (4m). We hope to spend about 2 years in the States starting later this year and will probably end up in the New York City area.

    I’ve been following Femina for over 3 years now and have been challenged in so many ways to grow in godliness. Thanks so much, and keep up the good work!

  95. I have enjoyed your blog for years. Thanks for all you put into it!

    I have 4 young boys and am a homeschooling momma. My blog is mainly a collection of great articles, books, or ideas that I come across. I like to pass along the best that I find. Come on over and visit me at!

  96. Well, as usual, a day late and a dollar short.

    Oh well.

    If anyone pops down to visit the latecomer~ my blog is

    I started it rather morbidly, sure that I would die a tragic death and my daughter would be too young to remember her mother, so I would write my heart out in hopes that someday she would read my own words.

    That one daughter has turned into an almost 7 year old with a brother, a sister and a “Smooch” on the way.

    I love to write, I love photography and I love my family so that is mostly what my blog is. We live in the country, we homeschool, and I love to craft. But I do have occasional soapboxes as well…just yesterday I posted on sex.

    (I did chuckle when I typed “I want to talk about sex” as my first line, knowing some readers feathers would be seriously ruffled because I said the word. hehe)

    Anyway. I’d love if you would visit. Or don’t, latecomers don’t deserve it anyway. πŸ™‚

    I love your blog and all of the contributors posts too.

  97. ‘Nother latecomer here. I’ve been married going on 21 years and have 4 children, 19, 17, 15, AND 11. We are reformed believers and homeschool, with the exception of our oldest who is now away at college.I love to cook, practice hospitality, and find joy in the everyday things.. even when it’s difficult.


  98. What fun! I have loved reading all the blogs!

    I am 21 years old & getting ready to get married to the MOST wonderful man on June 18th. We are looking to head off to seminary together (im not attending the school) πŸ™‚ and then embark on full time ministry! I have a wonderful family! I have 2 bio brothers and 1 newly adopted 14 year old chinese brother! Its SO fun to get to know him. It seems like he’s been her all along! I work for my dad at his granite company & use up most of my free time Knitting, quilting at our church, pouring into the high school girls I disciple & being involved in our youth ministry! I can’t wait to see what the Lord has for my new life with my soon to be husband! So exciting! You can read more about my life here:

    Keep up the comments! So fun!

  99. My sister and I and 2 of our dear friends have recently started blogging here:
    We’re all recent college grads who are working in some capacity a small liberal arts high school in Wichita,KS and loving it! I’ve been reading your blog off and on for about 3 years now and have been so blessed by your wisdom. Thanks so much for sharing πŸ™‚

  100. Late to the party…and I almost didn’t make it!

    I’m a near-40 mom to 7, with number 8 arriving in October, as God pleases. My man is a Marine, so we move around. God has graciously given me the desires to match my career — I enjoy crafting, reading, teaching, cooking, gardening, and people-watching. We do homeschool our 5 that are of age. Also are blessed to be a part of a CRE church in Virginia.

    The blog is here:

    It’s really designed for the people I know, so I hope you don’t get slammed by anything too personal πŸ™‚

  101. It’s been great meeting all of you, and I look forward to having time to look at some of your blogs. I don’t blog (enough other things steal my time), but maybe one day I’ll add a blog feature to my developing website and post about current art projects.

    I’ve been visiting Femina ever since Franci introduced me to it 2+ years ago and especially enjoy Bekah’s stories and all the craft ideas. Oh, and Nate’s books!

    I was born and raised in Knoxville, Tennessee. Schooled at a Christian school, then at home for high school. Graduated from Wheaton College in 2002, then taught at a classical school in Texas for a year. Have worked as a freelance artist (mostly calligraphy and murals) off and on since 2003, and lived in New Zealand for 13.5 months–working odd jobs, traveling, and spending time with a host of cousins/cousins’ kids. And I love to read.

  102. I’m Kamilla, friend to Valerie (Kyriosity) and David and Tim Bayly, among others. I used to be an Egalitarian and would spar with David and Tim on the old CBMW blog. Only because of God’s grace, they are now dear brothers and I have repented of my advocacy for religious feminism.

    I blog on that and generally whatever takes my fancy. I know I’m late to the party, but hope you still have a chance to visit!

  103. That rum cake sounds divine to me, too! I already have coffee right next to me.

    I’m 22, married to a former NSA student, and we have two little ones so far. I love to read and be funny. My blog is brand new, so very much in flux. I think it’s going to be my photography (such as it is) and being funny. I love color (femina ladies (and many of the readers) are so inspiring!) and can’t wait to have my own house to paint.

  104. Ah-ha! Now I can!

    ‘m a stay-at-home-mom to two children, and hopefully more to follow! I originally coined the term, Bobbinoggin, for my blog with the hopes of branding some of my sewn items to sell. However, I doubt that goal will happen for many years to come.

    In lieu of that, I enjoy recording my family’s experiences and personal projects on my blog.

    It is wonderful to have so many mothers of Christian families to find encouragement from via Femina! πŸ™‚

    My blog is at:

  105. Count me in among those who would love to go to Moscow for a conference! Maybe I could sneak it in during a visit to family in Seattle–God willing and the creek don’t rise, of course! πŸ˜€

  106. I’m a wife to Justin, church planter, and mom to 3 kids ages 6 weeks to 5. We homeschool and live out in the country. I’m a physician by training but housewife by vocation. At, I blog about my kids mostly, sometimes theology, occasionally medicine. I also have a team blog about food called the family supper club.

    Thanks for doing this!


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