A Wife of Valor

Proverbs 12:4 says that an excellent wife is the crown of her husband.  Literally, (my New Geneva Study Bible says) this is a “wife of valor.”  A valiant wife is a crown to her husband.

This is interesting because so often we think of femininity as something soft and sweet (not that it shouldn’t have those aspects). But a godly femininity includes  fearlessness and strength. A manly courage. It has a back bone. It will stand up for what is right, even when no one else will do it.

What a sharp contrast to the silly women who are “always learning but never coming to a knowledge of the truth.” Or the women who go house to house with the latest chat. Or the idle ones who are tearing down their homes, one brick at a time.

A valiant wife looks at her duties and assumes them with grace and dignity, and a brave heart. She does not faint or lose heart at the prospect of hard work over the course of many years. She sees the long-term impact of what she is doing and sets herself to the tasks that God has given her, like bringing up children, lodging strangers, washing the feet of the saints, and all those other things that fall neatly into the category of good works.

A valiant woman is one of the means that God uses to remake the world. She is the glory of the man. She takes what he gives her and glorifies it. He gives her a house, and she glorifies it and makes it into a home. He gives her a table, and she glorifies it with food, nurturing and feeding the faces around it. A husband makes love to his wife, and she mysteriously glorifies it, and a child is born. This is what God has made women to do. A valiant woman glorifies and beautifies. And it overflows.

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12 thoughts on “A Wife of Valor

  1. “Seeing the long-term impact”…if I would live believing this every single moment of the day!

    I want to live beautifying and glorifying my Maker in my daily life… this will be my prayer.

    Dear Nancy, thank you again for writing words that encourage us to live godly lives.

    Under His wings.

  2. Nancy,
    I hope you had a marvelous Mother’s Day! I’m sure your husband and your children rose up to bless you! As one of your spiritual daughter’s (one who has reaped spiritual blessings from your ministry in my life), I wanted to chime in and bless you too! So thank you so much for the spiritual food you have prepared for me – nuggets of truth to keep me on the straight and narrow. You have helped me in both my roles as a mother and a Pastor’s Wife more than could know. I am truly grateful.

    Btw, I recently gave a talk on Proverbs 12:4 at our church’s recent marriage conference! And yes, the word used there to describe the kind of woman who is a crown to her husband is one of great strength and courage! I just loved digging in to the meaning of that word. Our role is not for sissies!! No way! And that’s why I need all the help and encouragement I can get. I’m so blessed to get it often from you!!

  3. Thank you, Mrs. Wilson. I need this reminder today:
    “A valiant wife looks at her duties and assumes them with grace and dignity, and a brave heart. She does not faint or lose heart at the prospect of hard work over the course of many years.”
    My hard work and need for bravery is (at this point in my life) largely due to a *lack* of little feet in the house – and I often want to selfishly lose heart over *seeking* those little feet.
    Thank you for the konk on the head at precisely the right moment.

  4. Wisdom cries out in the streets. Please continue to proclaim the high calling of biblical womanhood. We need it. What a contrast to what the woman of folly cries out.

  5. Man, I needed that! Thank you. Sometimes the role of raising several children can be daunting. We have five children, two of whom we adopted that have “special needs” and one of whom is struggling in several areas of her life. Thanks for the reminder that God has blessed me with a job that has eternal impact!

  6. I am so very thankful for this post and your faithful voice in exhorting women to strive to fulfill their role as wives! This is greatly needed!

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