Shenanigan City

This funny shot was taken last night on our back deck, right before the other five cousins rolled in for ice cream cones. The Merkles are out of town (Quilt Market!), and we have their five kiddos for a few days. Ten children under our roof right now. Showering, doing hair, homework supervising, laundry. Lots of laundry. Oh, and then the food! I have one word. Locusts. There is not much breathing room between breakfast and snacks and lunches and snacks and dinner and snacks. You can practically watch them growing. Shoveling mashed potatoes into their mouths to keep their faces from getting stretched too thin as they get taller. I absolutely love the food issue. Love to throw some help to the growth spurts. Kids wander into the kitchen and ask (hiding their desperation with a vague smile) what is for dinner. But when I answer them, a cheer goes up. They wheel around the corner yelling to the other kids “Guys! Potatoes! Lemonade! Bread! Steak! Cantaloupe! And then….. ICE CREAM!”

If that doesn’t make a person stay up late to make cinnamon rolls I don’t know what does. Cheers to all you out there making food for hungry kids – our time couldn’t be better spent!

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25 thoughts on “Shenanigan City

  1. You are awesome. And those kids look like tons of fun. I need to get better at enjoying feeding locusts. The laundry I’m cool with, but the feeding seems…Ecclesiastesish. More Ecclesiastesish than I am wise.

  2. Thanks for this good reminder! My son is eating like a horse of late and I’ve been relizing I HAVE to have snacks on hand at all times!:)

  3. What a wonderful time! You’ve made me long for the times my 3 can be with their cousins over the summer and reminded me how fun even the feeding and laundry can be!!!

  4. Hope you’re using The Pioneer Woman’s super easy, huge-yield recipe for cinnamon rolls. I’m not computer savvy enough to post an actual link but the address is

    Let’s just say I’ve made them three times in the past month and I only have 3 kids right now (one on the way), although we have been sharing them with relatives and daddy’s work friends.

    I bet your kids are really loving it — mine think their “big cousins” (only a couple years older) are the coolest people in the world.

  5. Good for you Rachel. That’s really takin’ one for team! Cousins are just the best, and you all are so blessed to have all your kiddos growing up together.

  6. Thanks for this practical example of Christian living. It’s such a great perspective.
    Prob. 31:13b “she works with willing hands.”

  7. Rachel, I contemplated whether I should write this because I don’t want it coming off as flattery. However, I want to tell you that I am deeply grateful for “Loving The Little Years” and your example on this blog. Moreover, each time you post about your knitting I am encouraged to keep going with mine and not to give up on this little hobby that I love so much. Thank you.

    P.S. My last project was a baby blanket for Conrad (2mo.) a cotton and wool blend. I put pictures of my little Jack laying on it on my blog if you feel like checking it out. It was a simple Debbie Bliss baby blanket.

  8. Ooh, Luma, thanks for the link. I haven’t been reading that long so I didn’t think to search for a recipe here. Thanks! I’ll have to try these!

  9. I just gotta say; I did not grow up in a home that practice joy in the sticky busy moments, over and over again. So now I am working on those things in adult hood. This of course has a huge impact on how naturally I can be flexible and kind in those times. Point being, certain things that take way more concentration for me, seem to flow a little more naturally from you. And it is a WONDERFUL reminder to me, when I hear your little family stories and antidotes, of the importance of taking time with my little people. And not forgetting about how great it is to bring joy to this brood in my home, even in little things like taking the time to tell them about all the good stuff that is for dinner. Instead of saying, “Out of the kitchen!”
    It also reminds me to think about what kind of people I am trying to raise, and to double check that I am being that person for them. Thank you, I really do appreciate the prodding encouragement that I get from your posts!

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