When we visited Prague in May, the first thing we did was hike up to the castle. On the way up those countless flights of stairs, we passed this little stair-side bakery, and then, being wise tourists, we stopped, backed up, and bought ourselves these little delicacies.

They bake these on hot metal rods, as you can see here:

And then they roll them in sugar. Especially on a cool, late afternoon, these little numbers ministered to us. Here’s what they are, but I bet you can’t pronounce Trdelnik!

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10 thoughts on “Trdelnik

  1. Oh, and I think it should be pronounced “TUR-dul-nick,” kinda like the shirt. In fact, it’s kind of shaped like a turtleneck collar. I’m sure there must be an etymological relationship.

  2. I was in Prague during the week after Easter and I do believe I stopped at this very shop to buy a trdelnik! They certainly are quite delicious!

  3. How fun! Call me indulgent, but it looks like it’s just begging to be filled with something custardy or whipped-creamy or chocolate-moussey or mascarpone-ish. And with a mouthful of that, I bet even the native Czechs wouldn’t be able to pronounce trdelnik. (Chewing is the universal language.)

  4. I did a semester abroad in Slovakia when I was in college. I have very fond memories of pastries and zmrzlina, as well as a beautiful few days spent in Praha. Those memories needed refreshing. Thanks!

  5. This brings back the memories! I hiked up those long steps to the castle–but I definitely didn’t get to taste one of these beauties! (Although we had some fantastic profiteroles on lower ground….)

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