Things happen. Unexpected things happen. Hard things happen. Life is funny that way. So, how do we react when tough things happen? We should view it the way the Bible tells us to view it. This is a test. God sends His children pop quizzes and tests from time to time to see if we are learning our lessons, if we are paying attention, if we are reading our assignments.

If we view unexpected events as tests from a loving Father, we know how to proceed because we all know how to take tests. We have done our homework. We can roll up our sleeves and try to ace the test.  Unless we’ve been dozing in class, not doing our homework, and spacing out during the lectures. In that case, we need to repent, and then we need to get back on task.

Life is full of trials and tests. We are told to count them all joy. If we’ve been learning our lessons, and the pop quiz comes unexpectedly (like all pop quizzes do), we are prepared. And it’s a whole lot easier to count it all joy when we meet various trials (and tests) when we are prepared.

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6 thoughts on “Testing

  1. That’s such an encouraging way of looking at things. Lately I’ve been experiencing some knockbacks after some pretty encouraging progress, and it’s been so easy for me to get discouraged and feel like these setbacks just mean I’m never really going to shake off some of these shackles. Next time I hit one of those spells Lord willing I’ll tackle it with a little more faith and elbow grease.

    As always thanks for the good word 🙂

  2. This reminds me of a dear brother in Christ died this past week. He had been sick for a while and when anyone asked how he was doing he’d give an honest answer but then follow it with, “God is good all the time”. He knew he only had a few months of life left, but he used them to share God’s goodness.

    I believe he past his test!

  3. Good reminder for me today! I’ve got a few more weeks of my pregnancy to go, and there are lots of little tests for me during my day! 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for the encouragement! I am going through a challenging time, as a college student who will soon be working a part-time job. Feeling rather overwhelmed, I was surfing the net hoping I’d find encouragement amidst my trying circumstances. Your brief reminder was a little oasis to me! Loving and encouraging one another is so lovely, a balm to every soul. Thank you for keeping an uplifting, God-glorifying blog! God bless you richly! Love in Christ, Charlotte

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