God Scatters Pardons

This morning’s sermon included a quote from Thomas Watson: God scatters pardons. It almost makes me want to add willy nilly.

It’s true. God is lavish with His mercy toward us! He is the ultimate Gift-Giver, and His central gift to us is His unbounded mercy. What a lovely thought for the week. As we begin another week, built on the foundation of worship, let us all contemplate His mercies. When we wake up, when we go about our duties, when we sit down at the table, when we finish the day and lie down to sleep. Mercies crowd us on every side.

When we recognize God’s mercies, we can only respond with gratitude. And if our eyes are at all open to even a fraction of these mercies, we will be busy being grateful all day long. Imagine the consequences of such a day, busy with gratitude.

And when we overflow with gratitude to our good and gracious and gift-giving God, it follows that we will extend that grace and mercy to others — lavishly. We can do nothing else.

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4 thoughts on “God Scatters Pardons

  1. i love the idea of being “busy with gratitude”. thanks for this blessed reminder of how deep the father’s love is for us!

  2. He does like running-over cups — so careless! so prodigal! Yes, “willy-nilly” is just about right. I woke up this morning filled with thankful thoughts, and I was most grateful of all for the gratitude, which is also His kind gift. “Thou who hast given so much to me, give me one more thing — a grateful heart” (Google says that’s George Herbert) is a prayer I suspect He takes particular delight in answering.

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