Fabric Giveaway!

If anyone out there is feeling inclined to add to their fabric stash, I’m giving away 2 1/2 yards of my fabric over at the Amoretti blog! (Come on – you know you want to sew something . . . . )

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16 thoughts on “Fabric Giveaway!

  1. I am in the mood for sewing. It relaxes me so. The time is what I am short on these days. I’m in skirt or funky apron mood. I’ll just have to make time!!!!!!

    Sewingly Yours,


  2. I would love to have some of your fabric! but living in New Zealand, it might be too expensive to ship. Your dresses for little girls are so pretty and I still plan to buy the birthday lantern pattern one day too!

  3. I am in the hospitAl with a blood clot in my lung, such pretty fabric.sure would lift my spirits.

  4. My wife would love to receive it, it would be a nice surprise because she would like to color and pattern.

  5. I made stockings for my whole crew this Christmas and I’ve got some of Bekah’s fabric on mine. So fun!

  6. ohh what a beautiful fabrics!! I am learning to sew (: but here in Argentina dont sell those pretty fabrics … so thanks so much for the chance to win!! fingers crossed lol

  7. Is the giveaway over? Did I miss it? I just discovered this blog — beautiful, gracious, God-honoring living. Thanks!

  8. I think this is so cool!! I have been looking into sewing machine wanting to sew..I feel like god has called me to do this .my husband has had a brain tumor and he is therphy. god has carry us through so many bumps in the road. I have found the one I want and I am so ready to get started with this. This would be so cool to have the fabrics from you so cool.I hope and pray this is not over with ..This would be a God honoring living. thank you so much for your beautiful site..God Bless


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