Welcoming the Arrival of….

As you can see with your own eyes, the Jankovics are rejoicing over the birth of their second son, Shadrach Aaron Jankovic. He weighed in at 8 pounds 14 ounces, and he is  21.5 inches tall. And handsome.

We are so thrilled to welcome grandson #6 and grandchild #16. God has blessed us beyond all measure and our cup is slopping over with joy and gratitude.

Yes, it was an unexpected C-section. Hoorah for C-sections! What a merciful God who gave Rachel a chirpy attitude, a flexible birth plan, kind nurses, skillful physicans, and a healthy baby boy who had (at the last minute) wiggled himself into an impossible position. Actually, she told me her birth plan ahead of time. It was this: to be grateful. And she is.

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58 thoughts on “Welcoming the Arrival of….

  1. Congratulations Wilson/Jankovic family!! What a blessing. So thankful for you and this precious little life!

  2. God is good, all the time. Welcome Shadrach. You are very precious. May the next month bring cheerful siblings, helpful cooks, extra naps and an abundance of knowing God’s presence. Love to you all.

  3. Hooray!!!!! What wonderful news! Praise God for the many options he has provided in bringing forth a healthy child, and a protected mummy. May God continue to bless you all through the arrival of Shadrach!

  4. Congratulations on number sixteen!! Such a sweet picture.

    I hear Rachel was in good company last night (although I’m sure she didn’t know it) as Joe was having his appendix out at the same hospital!

  5. Awe! Blessings to you all. Thanks for posting and letting us all know. Praying for a quick recovery.

  6. Happy birthday little Shadrach! (Sorry this is a day late). I know you’ll be a blessing to your mommy, daddy, and big siblings!

  7. Sixteen arrows – a blessing in deed. How very wonderful. Excellent plan for all of life…what an encoraging reminder. Enjoy!

  8. Congratulations! I guess everyone will have to wait on the mysterious no dresser plan and streamlined laundry. LOL You have better things to do!

  9. This brought tears to my eyes.
    Congratulations, Mrs. Wilson! You are one blessed nana.
    And congratulations to Rachel’s entire family. The picture about sums it all up with precision and perfection.

    Grace and peace abundant to all you, especially to little Shadrach!

  10. Congrats to all of you—and especially to Titus on having a little brother! Love the name as well. (Shadrach was on our short list last time around.)

  11. Oh YAY! Congrats! Wonderful news! That is going to be my new birthplan for sure. I was a big complainer first tiem round (c-section too) but no more! Gratitude is the order of the day. Thanks for the reminder Rachel! Enjoy your new son and grandson! What a gift!

  12. Congratulations on the birth of little Shadrach. Praise God for a safe delivery under pressure. Enjoy being a grandmother to a newborn again. Wonderful news and we’ll pray for a speedy recovery for Lizzie.

  13. Hooray! We too had a son yesterday! He was our fourth son and fifth child. And ours was a c-section as well (although planned). Will be thinking of you here as you recover and rejoice!! Praising God your little man is here and healthy!

  14. I, a pretty stauch home-birther, am also thankful for emergency C-sections. I might not have my sweet sister and her fun little boy if not for them. Congratulations! God is good to us.

  15. Congratulations! If not for c-sections and the wonder of modern medicine, I and my firstborn would be dead, thereby preventing the birth of my other 4 kids! Tell Rachel to take it easy, take her pain meds, and accept ALL offers of help, and recovery will go well. (From the grateful recipient of 5 little c-section miracles)

  16. Huge congratulations! What a wonderful blessing (and for the record, it looks like little Shadrach and I might share a birthday… good choice kiddo!)

  17. Recently discovered your blog via the Desiring God blog. First of all, congrats! Enjoy the baby and those sweet moments. Just have to say your essays on the other blog I read on mothering are superb and amazing and so inspiring to other Christian mothers! I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (many refer to us as Mormons), and we too, believe in the sanctity of family and marriage. Thank you for sharing your beautiful written voice. Can’t wait to hear more from you. (After the maternity leave of course. Yeah right! You are a busy mom. Life doesn’t slow down…)

  18. Congratulations to you all. I hope you are watching some dark films (because, when it’s deep you can’t call it a movie) to fend off laughter for the next week or so.

  19. Congratulations! I just had my 5th baby in May, who was also an unexpected c-section due to being breech. It was definitely more challenging, but the Lord gave me a lot of peace and grace to handle the “surprise” and the difficulties of the next few weeks, and I know He will do the same for you. 🙂

  20. Nancy! You get to change your welcome statement now! Lizzie has six children… hooray! lol So much for that trend… hahaha… Congrats again Rachel and welcome little Shadrach.

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