One Week Already!

It’s hard to believe that this sweet little dude has been here for a week already! Babies are such a unique kind of love – a sort of raw love. There is still so much that you don’t know. So few actual things that you can know about them at the outset, but there you are with a huge bucket of love to ladle out on everything you find. Love the scrunchy-nose dream smiles when the milk thieving mystery has been resolved at last. Love the frantic madness about wanting to eat. Love the surprise of having a child who will take (occasionally) a pacifier. Love the funny cries, the fuzzy head, the kicky feet. Love who this little man is on his way to becoming. Love every last thing he does. Every cross-eyed gaze is met with affection and enthusiasm. Just so. much. love.

So far we know he is a brilliant problem solver. I know that he and I have a different definition of “game time,” and he wins. The same contraction that made me think we would have a baby in ten minutes made him think “no, thanks.” When I thought the head moving down was progress, he thought “I bet I could get out of here and plug this problem area with my buns.” It was a great victory for him – my belly wildly thrashing about in a break between contractions. Success for Shadders. He faced off with our wonderful OB in a great and glorious effort to turn him – an effort that for some reason totally cracked me up. I think it was having two OB’s, an ultrasound tech, a number of nurses, and my husband hopping into scrubs – but all gathered around my belly in fierce concentration. A big greasy belly that wouldn’t behave. I said I felt like the greased pig wrestle. But I had to stop laughing – I was starting to side with my man child. They did get him to turn first one direction, then the other. But his buns remained stuck in the proverbial oven. He pivoted on them like a fancy break-dancer. Our OB said as he pulled him out there was an audible pop as he was completely locked in. Stubborn? I don’t know yet. Brilliant? Doubtless. Action oriented? We’ll see. A winner? Absolutely.

The OR staff and nursing staff and our doctors were all so great. The anesthesia team took the pictures for us that Mom put up – and all of them went above and beyond to make the whole thing not only safe and comfortable, but sweet as well. We are very blessed. Recovering from a c-section has been a little different, but not so bad. I didn’t know you could stifle a sneeze by having a mild panic attack instead. But things are great. We have a sweet healthy new man to add to our posse – we are rich. God is good. Shadrach is adorable.

P.S. I will answer the laundry/dresser questions soon, but brace yourselves to be disappointed. I’m afraid the whole question has gotten a lot of mystique on accident. I mean, it’s brilliant, but not earth- shattering. Effective, but not gorgeous. Wonderful, but, well…. you’ll see.

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23 thoughts on “One Week Already!

  1. I read part of your post to my husband only to get the response “The OB who pulled him out should be the next king of England.” At any rate, congratulations. He’s adorable 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for giving us an update so soon. I kept checking hoping someone would but not really expecting it.Your sixth arrow is very cute.Enjoy,glad you are back!

  3. Congratulations!! 🙂 can’t wait to hear about dressers. (love your laughter in the midst of pain. Your very unique and look forward to meeting you one day. Maybe not on earth, but one day)

  4. Congratulations! I’m far enough away from C-section recovery memories that I could chuckle at your comment about stifling a sneeze. Laughter was still painful, though, but healing at the same time. We’ll be looking forward to more insights about this new guy.

  5. What an adventure his arrival turned out to be! Love your comments about how we love those new little people God gives us. He’s beautiful!

  6. What a beautiful little boy!!! Reminds me of my oldest, very handsome!! I just started reading your book Loving the little years and am already blessed by it. I’m so glad and very richly blessed to have found this blog and all you wonderful ladies! Blessings to you all! Faith

  7. Yay for baby mystery packages! Our breechy has ended up not so much in the stubborn camp but is intensely opinionated. Flip flops are too supposed to be on the wrong feet.

    Congrats again to everyone in the house!

  8. Ha ha ha! I love how you describe stifling a sneeze with a mild panic attack. Anything not to cough or sneeze to upset the healing stitches. Brilliant.

    My first c-section was for a breech. Last week’s (our Nathan and fifth child was born the same day as your little man) was merely a repeat due to complications with a VBAC I had four years ago now. So I’m on the same timeline as you. And I’ve definitely been avoiding any sudden movements. I feel ya.

    But isn’t it amazing what even a week of healing can do? It’s really not ALL that bad and we do get a precious little one on the other side. God is good and gracious isn’t He!

  9. Congratulations! I often think of you now that God has blessed my family with twin boys (now three boys, 5 month twins and 20 month son) . Thanks for all of your words of encouragement. Hope recovery goes well! Btw, one of my twins arrived breech! I know about that greasy belly wrestling!

  10. Congratulations! Today I was thinking about how our new births are so varied, just as earth-births are. Some are born again quietly, slowly, without a peep (like our baby boy, #4). Some come in a bustle of activity, with great fanfare, or leaving everyone around in need of a bit of recovery!

  11. Lovely, lovely news, congratulations to you and your husband and all your little ones too, hope that ey are enjoying their new little brother! Marcie, what a fantastic thought, thanks for sharing, I have never considered that before, but so true, God loves us however our new birth came about just as we love our little ones. I was thinking the other day about how much I love my children when it suddenly struck me that God loves my children so much He gave his own child for them. What a thought, I love it when He strikes us with old truths in a new way 🙂

  12. Love your good attitude about it all! I hope you heal well and quickly. Savour all those beautiful little baby moments, they pass so quickly!

  13. Congratulations on your very sweet new arrival! Having had 3 C-sections, I’ll be praying for a smooth and quick recovery, especially with older (but not that old) children to care for! That incision is no joke, is it? Oh, but so much grace through it all. God bless!

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