fit to burst

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4 thoughts on “fit to burst

  1. I’d love to read your book. I’ve been challenged, encouraged, humbled, and convicted countless times since reading Loving the Little Years, and have shared it with many other Mommies. 🙂

  2. I am eagerly looking forward to your second book. I bought extra copies of Loving the Little Years to give away to friends, and we all found it very helpful in our mothering journeys! I love that little word you’ve put in between abundance and joy — mayhem. Really, you didn’t mean to say “order” instead? Phew! With three little boys and another baby on the way, it’s easy to struggle under the belief that somehow I need to maintain order and decorum in the process, but of course that doesn’t often happen! So looking forward to your perspective on this. =)

  3. My husband has a Christmas wish list for books a mile long. This is it for me. Perhaps because I’m less interested in Kostenberger’s Commentary on John as I am Rachel’s commentary on finding Jesus in baby puke. I’m sure there’s a chapter on it… 😉 Pick me! Pick me!

    Oh, unrelated and much to my surprise, said hubby came home from the annual Evangelical Theological Society (a.k.a. Hundred-Pound Heads Meeting) asking to borrow Loving the Little Years–his seminary professor recommended it from one father to another. Too bad I had just loaned it out…it’s a hot commodity ’round here.

  4. My daughters and I have been hugely blessed by your book and blog posts. Your new book is greatly anticipated and would be a fabulous present for us all.

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