Trenches 2

7 thoughts on “Trenches 2

  1. I love this book ansewage bought ifinite than a dozen copies to share with my dear mom friends in the trenches! I tell them, “It’s like eating chocolate…trust me! It’s a burst of sweetness, a dose of encouragement, a bit of laughter and a big shot in the arm. Hide in your bathroom if you have to, just read a little every time you get the chance!” I’ve been following your blog (and generally stalking everything you’ve written here) 😉 for a while now and thought you should know how much of an encouragement you’ve been to me, and through me, to other moms. (btw, I’m mommy to three girls and another of Joe and Jen’s cousins!) I read your post on being needy, and the next day found the opportunity to put it into practice after a long night of sick kids, and a grouchy morning with toddlers…before we could hit the skids, we piled in the car and went to costco to buy groceries for a friend who’s struggling right now…it was the perfect antidote to any self-pity! We were late for naps, and overspent our budget (happily!) and had a lovely morning. Thanks for loving Jesus and being faithful where he’s planted you! Keep blooming sister.

  2. Ok, so auto correct is not my friend! I meant to say, “I love this book and have bought more than a dozen copies…” oh well. 🙂

  3. I’ve been looking to purchase this book… but would love a free copy! It was highly recommended to me by some ladies at Bible study. I have 2 little boys and am expecting our third baby. Loving the Little Years seems rather relevant at this time! 🙂

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