Introducing . . . What Have You

So here’s a thing that happened. Rachel and I started a podcast! It is nothing if not professional and glamorous. We basically get ourselves a coffee, drive somewhere and park (generally behind Goodwill, just to keep it classy) and then we chat in the car for a bit. Often we talk over the top of each other, sometimes we forget to turn off our phones and Mom calls us in the middle. Sometimes we’re more tired and slap-happy than other times – for instance we’ve noticed that if we do this after dinner then we are 200% more likely to invent words. But. Nonetheless. We are posting them.

We often chat on the phone during the day – while I clean and Rachel does laundry, or while we are both driving around doing errands. This podcast is basically us inviting you into that random conversation, but hopefully minus the abrupt, “Gotta go I’ll call you back in a bit.”  Oddly enough, it’s actually quite rare for us to do our chatting in person! We’re both pretty busy as it turns out. But we are making an effort to actually get together once a week for this, and conduct our chat face to face. We discuss what projects we’re doing, what books we like, our laundry issues, what we’re thinking about regarding raising kids and our walks with God – just all the stuff.

We’ll post it here, but for all the technical stuff like if you want to subscribe and all that, the podcast is being hosted by New St. Andrews College and you can hop over there if you want more info. In fact, since I have no idea how to embed the audio here, you’ll have to go there if you want to listen to it. It’s still a bit under construction, so forgive the oddly blank website.

And meanwhile, here are a few pics from what we discussed in our first episode.



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12 thoughts on “Introducing . . . What Have You

  1. Very good. Love the laundry picture. We have a laundry chute that gets most of our laundry. Occasionally, it has gotten so backed up, we have laundry up on the second floor. 😀

  2. Just listened to Episode 1… Loved it!!!
    I had a hard time following when you suddenly switched the topic to quail, and then realized you were both distracted by some quail you saw at the window, it was cracking me up! Thank you for letting us listen in on your coffee date 🙂

  3. I’m sure that I’m just overlooking it, but where do I listen to it at? Is there a link that I missed? Thanks!

  4. Okay, so I’m clearly BLIIND as I just read through it once more and saw the link clearly. So never mind!

  5. I am really loving your podcast! I look forward to Thursdays and often laugh along with you ladies. Thank you

  6. Still loving this podcast!!! Keep it up!!! It’s such an encouragement and I love recommending it!!!

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