Childrearing with the Long View

“Want of early discipline, passing over trifles; yielding when we ought to command — how little do we think to what they may grow.” Charles Bridges, Commentary on Proverbs

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One thought on “Childrearing with the Long View

  1. Nancy,

    I am a new mother with a 2 1/2 month old daughter. I have read and listened to much of you and Pastor Wilson’s books and sermons on child rearing, and have enjoyed them thoroughly. However, most of your instruction and application is directed toward toddlers and up, and I’m having difficulty finding sources I trust for advice on the early months. I have questions about things such as on-demand feeding and schedule feeding, and what to do when it’s 10:00 at night and she seems to be crying when I put her down just because she wants to be with the big people. Books such as “What to Expect…” are full of advice, but I have no confidence in what “studies show”, especially when I see the behavior of most children today. Can you point me in the direction of some trustworthy advice about training up children in the first year of life?

    Thank you for this, and for all of your encouragement.

    Sarah LaMothe

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