“Craftsmen have filled out museums with magnificent and beautiful objects of art. But marble, canvas, pottery, wood, and metal were never more cunningly contrived into subtle loveliness than my wife can slap together in a pie plate. When the top cover is pressed down, and she picks up the pie in one hand and a knife in the other, Poetry, Music, and Art might just as well pack up and go home.”

John Gould, Farmer Takes A Wife

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3 thoughts on “Apple Pie

  1. Oh, I like that! I’ve taken up cake decorating recently, and I’ve been wondering if it’s foolish to spend so much time on something destined to be devoured when I could perhaps be making Works of Art to Last Through the Ages. But filling eyes with joy and bellies with sweetness helps craft souls that will last through eternity…souls that will be much better company than if they’d been used to sucking lemons and chewing cardboard all their lives!

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