17 thoughts on “Poofy Puffy Dealy

  1. I haven’t seen anything Strawberry Shortcake in a long time…not since my big sis and I got Strawberry Shortcake dishes for Christmas. But that definitely belongs in her house more than yours.

  2. I had no idea what Strawberry Shortcake was (apart from a dessert/pudding/whatever Americans call the 3rd course of a 3 course meal!) So I Googled it.
    While agreeing that the pooffe (I would pronounce it ‘poof’ rather than ‘poof-ay’, though) does kind-of look like her hat, I highly approve of it. It looks fab!
    And, (I know that Mrs Merkle didn’t post the above post but while I’m commenting I may as well do it all in the same thing), you have opened my eyes, Mrs Merkle – there are LOTS of curtain shops in England. Oh well, as the olde English saying goes, ‘You can never have too many curtain shops!’

  3. Of course my self-deprecating wife calls attention to her Strawberry Shortcake oddity, but fails to mention that the bin to the right of Judah was another item found abandoned behind our house. She cleaned it up, painted it, and is now using it for kindling and whatnot. It continues to get rave reviews from guests. The painting above the mantle is a painting of a blackberry bush, which she started working on while I was in class this week. She constantly amazes me with her ability to adapt to and beautify what ever curve ball of a living situation I throw her. And I’ve thrown her a number of doozies.

  4. I’m a little surprised that no one has commented on my very handsome grandson standing guard. He kind of takes the cake, don’t you think?

  5. “Takes the cake.”

    Wink, wink. Nudge, nudge. Good one mi madre.

    As for Bekah, just don’t let her get near sculpy clay and a kiln, or she’ll be adding Fleur d’Lis to the biffy.

    (logged in as heatherlinn)

  6. I think it is very refreshing! I wouldn’t have thought Strawberry Shortcake until you said it. The bin to the right of it and the basket to the left make it look right at home. I would leave it – it’s awesome! Just don’t introduce it to your guests by saying, “and over there is my Strawberry Shortcake Pouffe…”

    Also, I would say Judas is a cutie but I can’t see his face. Cute gun though. 🙂

  7. With a hearth like that she could 70’s avocado shag rugs and a paisley couch and still have an outstanding living room. It’s gorgeous.

    However, I must say that I’m inspired that you are able to do so much in such a short space of time. And on so little.

  8. I noticed the bin and painting right away, too, and I think altogether they look very lovely! I would not have thought “Shortcake” unless you mentioned it as well. It’s all very cheerful.

  9. Love everything, the lad, the Poofy polkadott thing, the bin( or whatever it is) the painting and the Mrs. Merkle’s amazing ability to adapt.

  10. I think the pouffe thingy is really fun, even if it sort of brings me back to the day. 🙂

    Now that I have seen the other photo of Judah, he is so very adorable! He is built like my youngest son, who is now 20m. He can take on my 5 yr. old!

  11. Cute! The pouffe goes with the lovely red & white dealio in the background. Add a little black trim and it will look Asian.

    Trends were kept out of my life, so I have no Strawberry Shortcake associations. I love anything red & white, blue & white, or black & white

  12. Okay, I read that chapter in The Hidden Art of Homemaking where she turned packing crates into beautiful stools and such, but I had yet to see anyone who could actually do what she was talking about!

    I found some funky black vinyl chairs for my living room that had some rips on the arms. They were such a good deal, that I couldn’t pass them up, I just said that I would find a way to patch them up. Guess what – yeah, the holes are still there.

    Can you come and give me lessons?

  13. Yeran thinks your ottoman is lovely. She also is extrememly fond of red and white.

    Bekah, do you still have that essay about someone who got a chest-of-drawers at a yard sale to refinish, and after removing all the paint there was nothing left? You had it in High School, or maybe even in Jr. High

    Looking forward to regular posts.

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