Look for Your Duties

As we go through our Christian lives, year to year, all kinds of different situations arise. Could be big blessings, bigger than you imagined. Could be difficulties, trials, and unexpected challenges. Could be both. In all these things we should look for our duties as Christian women. Are you grieving? How should a Christian woman grieve? Did you just inherit a million dollars? How should a Christian woman manage such wealth? Are you lonely, busy, sick, or exhausted? What are your duties? This is a very helpful perspective to adopt in all God’s dealings with us.

If you are childless, what are your duties? First of all, you are called to be a helper for your husband. That is what God says every husband needs, and you are uniquely suited to be that helper for your own husband. So, what kind of help does your husband need? How can you assist him in accomplishing what God has called him to do? Think about this. Maybe you even need to talk about this with your husband.

You can safely assume that he needs emotional support, your admiration and respect. He needs to know that you appreciate him and are grateful for all he does. He needs a home, an oasis that is a comfort and recharger. He may need your input, feedback, ideas, and a zillion little things to make his work go more efficiently and effectively. You know what he needs.  Give yourself to your duties in helping him get the job done.

He needs your prayers. Who else will be praying for him if you don’t? Maybe his mom will. But you should be praying for him, for God to bless him, protect him, lead him, and prosper all he puts his hands to.

He needs your companionship, your enthusiastic support of all he is and all he is doing. This is no small thing. And this is all part of your fruitfulness.

Women tend to think that children are the only kind of fruit there is. And, of course, those little olive shoots around the table are as fruity as can be. But for the unmarried woman, or for the wife without children, you must consider that God has other ways for you to bear fruit if He has not yet given you children.

I know one couple who had not conceived after a year or two of marriage, and so they felt they should use their gifts of hospitality. In other words, they looked for another way to be fruitful in a God-honoring way. And God did honor their labors of hospitality, and He also added children to them as the years went by. But I have always thought they were wise to look for another way to be fruitful, rather than stopping in their tracks because God wasn’t sending children. We must look to Him to give us fruit, whatever kind He desires from us.

So while it is good to desire godly seed, look for your duties in the meantime. Be busy with helping your husband, and look for ways to be fruitful in the community.  God will bless those labors when they are rendered to Him in faith.

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5 thoughts on “Look for Your Duties

  1. Thank you for this one, and may I add a little word? Just a few months ago, three weeks after the birth of our sixth baby, I was contemplating all the many tasks ahead of me and perhaps feeling overwhelmed. My sweet mother suffered quite a serious stroke while my husband was in Europe….anyway, I saw very clearly how God sustained me as I drove 18 hours be with Mom, and then looking after her and my own for weeks after. I could not have imagined being able to do it, had I known ahead all that would be before me. But my hands were strengthened for the tasks I was given. It was really a glorious time in many many ways. When we undertake to do the duties God puts before us, He is faithful and kind and does help us through.

  2. Mrs Wilson, I love how you know how to ask the right questions. I pray I would learn to ask the right ones too. Asking the right questions is half-way to getting the right answers, I’m sure.

    In Him


  3. “you are uniquely suited to be that helper for your own husband”

    Thank you for this reminder, I really needed that. I really appreciate you taking time to share your wisdom with us through this blog. It is truly a blessing to me.

  4. I like how you link fruit and duty. Sometimes when I’m in the midst of personal trial/family conflict, I try to find something outside of the situation to do that is useful to somebody other than myself. Not that I go out looking for some obsolete ministry to stop-up my problems, but I have found that simply making a plate of cookies for a sick friend or taking dinner to a family with a newish baby can improve my perspective. Generally I find that in the course of my day I can easily double a recipe for dinner and then take it at the appropriate time. Even small duties are good, and when we look out of ourselves and into the body to see who needs something as simple as cookies, God will honor it.

    Really, this blog has been very helpful to me, you always make me think not only out of the box but also around it.

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