Here are a few pictures of the Advent Calender, as I promised. I used those little miniature things you can buy in craft stores (I think they are for making cards), and that was actually a fun way of coming up with ideas. I did not try to get my Christmas to-do list onto an Advent calender. A lot of our days are things like “pizza night” or “paint your nails.” I also have a lot more cards than days, so there is still selection, even at the end of the stretch.

When we got it out this year, my three-year-old kept pulling a chair over to it and asking questions about it, and then requested an Advent calender bedtime story – so I think at least in thrill factor it has been a success!

Oh- one last thing – I buy candy and occasional Advent presents to also be included, even for Daddy. I actually think in future years we may end up with an envelope for each kid, because I always see more things that I want to add, and since they are so easy to do (try “drink egg-nog” or “have an orange eating party”) it is not overwhelming at all.

Blessings on you all – I hope your Advent prep goes well!

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One thought on “I Promised

  1. Oh no! Where have the photos gone? Does your site erase them after a time? Is there any way you could re-post them? I came here for some creative ideas of how to decorate our home for our son’s first Christmas and an Advent celebration we hope to host for our church and neighborhood!

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