Essential Christianity

“Let us look at it like this: To be a Christian means that we have had an experience of the grace of God. That is essential Christianity. There are many definitions that one could give. One I have often quoted because it seems to me to be such an excellent one is that old definition of Henry Scougal, the Scotsman who lived nearly 300 years ago. He said that Christianity is ‘the life of God in the souls of men.’ In other words, what makes us Christians is not primarily what we do, but what God does to us. That is essential Christianity. This rebirth, this being born again, is all God’s action. It is not man’s, it is God’s. It is being born from above. It is the work of the Holy Spirit of God. Therefore, the essential thing about being a Christian is that one has thus been dealt with by God.”

Martyn Lloyd-Jones, My Soul Magnifies the Lord 

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6 thoughts on “Essential Christianity

  1. Great quote of truth. How wonderful it is to know that our salvation does not depend upon our labor and efforts – but solely upon our Savior, Jesus Christ the Lord.

  2. Is it ok to ask questions for advice through your blog comments? If so, I was wondering if you or your daughters might have any suggestions for continuing in love with children when you’re traveling on airplaines all day. I don’t want to use threats. How do I handle disobedience when there’s no where to go for privacy? Do you just ignore it for a day?

    If you’d rather I not ask for advice through here, tell me to get my own blog! 🙂

  3. I’m going to pass this one on to Bekah since she has flown to and from the UK to the US now a few times. I know she has some helpful tips. Meanwhile, I’ll add my own two cents.
    The biggest help will be if you are well prepared yourself, with carry-on bag full of everything you can think of that you might need and a very large and cheerful disposition. Keeping your own attitude cheery is extremely important. Your children probably have not flown very much, so you want to be full of mercy toward them, praying for them to be comfortable and cheerful.
    Though you will have to give your children correction if they are being naughty, you certainly cannot use the rod on an airplane! Simply correct them verbally and remind them of what you have taught them. A stern word or look willl have to do. But stern does not mean angry or ticked. It means firm. I would work hard the week before traveling to make sure everyone is in good shape. Emphasize courtesy as you prepare them, and remind them to say thank you and please to the flight attendants and pilots, etc.
    And then once you are on the plane, I would suggest you work with the reward system of treats for good behavior. Treats can include little games, books, etc. at intervals. Be creative, and pick out some things that you know will please them. Of course, if you have an infant, you can expect some crying. That’s what they do. The crying can help their ears pop, as does nursing or a bottle. Also, and you may laugh at this one, but you should have them all dressed cute as can be. It’s lots easier for the strangers across the row to love your kids if they are well groomed and polite. If they are prone to air sickness, get them dosed up with dramamine for kids. And if you are flying overnight, it might help them sleep.
    Blessings on your travels!

  4. RE: travel w/ kiddos
    We once ended up in an ER 3,000 miles away from home due to an ear infection that the Dr. explained can be caused by the pressure on the plane. (Our son must have had the beginnings of one and then the pressure made it a full bore infection.) As a result I started to take the kids to the Dr. a few days before traveling to see if he noticed the beginnings of an ear infection, and actually every time at least ONE of the kids did have one. That way we could start the antibiotics and the wonderful make-them-sleepy Tylenol before our trip.

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