The Real Deal

img_0297.JPGThe Christmas scene at our house was really something this year. My husband’s sweet family came into town on the 21st, and they were here partying at the hotel, and meeting the twins through their baptism on the 23rd. We had a great time eating together, pool partying together (not me – don’t worry!), and doing the first ever sibling grab bag gift exchange with the fifteen minute, fifteen dollar rule.  Three of my husband’s siblings (the ones without kids) pitched in together to get one big gift for each family. Before I tell, I should show you img_0208.JPGYes, that’s right. What you see in our windows from left to right: our Christmas tree, our retro bulb wreath hanging above the cooler full of pop and in front of a table full of groceries, and, in our third window, the static sparks flying off the heads of children in our new indoor bouncy castle. The result of so much partying? Well, for one thing a lot of our gifts are still in a garbage bag in our bedroom. img_0292.JPG

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2 thoughts on “The Real Deal

  1. Wonderful! There is nothing better for the memory bank than LOTS of family together on holidays…and sounds like you had a jolly time! Can’t wait to meet the twins! Lots of love from Nana G.

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