Free Skirty Results

Thanks to all the scads of you who entered! Just for the fun of the thing we got a charming porter at Christ Church to officiate for us on the drawing. And hooray for Tonya!

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4 thoughts on “Free Skirty Results

  1. Thanks for the sale! I have needed to order one since your first post on the skirty, but I kept moving it down the list of things to do. This was incentive to actually sit down and do it. My daughter will be thrilled!

  2. Help! I need to order some skirties but I can’t get the website to work. Is there any other way to contact Rebecca?

  3. Amy,
    Bekah’s been having some technical difficulties, but you can email her at rebekahmerkle at google mail dot com. Let her know what it is you need, and I bet she’ll be able to help you out!

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