The Wind-up Easter Toy Race

Just when we thought we were hitting our stride, my daughter came across a blog post demonstrating that there are Easter parties out there that are way ahead of ours. One family has an wind-up Easter toy race every year, and it sounds like Mom saves the toys from year to year, so she has quite a collection. Now that is fantastic, don’t you think? I looked for some today, but all I found was a big hen that lays jelly-bean eggs as she moves along, which I’m betting will slow her down. Still, I bought a couple to get my collection started.

Let’s go girls!

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One thought on “The Wind-up Easter Toy Race

  1. Fantastic, indeed! This is such a funny post because just yesterday I was rummaging through an old box of Easter decorations and found a little blue bunny wind up toy. I showed it to my eight year old son and he’s been winding it up and using it to attack his little green army men which he has planted pretty much all over the family room and kitchen! Our two little cats, lulu bell and tiger have also gotten a little enjoyment from pawing the little wind up toy around! Hmm…I suppose I should give this loner wind up bunny toy some reinforcements. I’ll start looking for more too! Have a joyous Easter, Nancy!

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