Skirty News

(If you feel like actually reading this, you’ll probably have to go to the bother of clicking on it!)

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21 thoughts on “Skirty News

  1. Oops, Mystie! You are absolutely right that the its doesn’t need an apostrophe in Bekah’s little announcement. BUT, the version IS the same, not ARE.


    And there is one more typo in her post….anyone spot it?
    (Actually, there are two more….I think it is late in England!)
    Anyone spot THEM??

  2. 1) Apparently loads of girls will be sharing one Skirty

    2) “One of the people” has developed multiple personalities hoping to get their hands (that is, her hands) on a Skirty.

    Not that we don’t appreciate your beautifully designed announcement, Rebekah! πŸ™‚

  3. Oh you are impressive, Angie. I didn’t want to mention your #2 because I thought maybe I would be seen as a complete fusser. But I guess I am!
    But you still missed one.

  4. And the winner is, or are, Missy and Angie!
    Sorry, Bekah, we are not picking on you! Your announcement really is lovely!

  5. I didn’t see a “their hands” anywhere… was the announcement edited? I did see, “T’S a long…” and don’t know if that should be “it’s” or if that is how you write ” ’tis” ?

    Anyhoo, it’s fun to see the grammarian in Mrs. Wilson jump out! I think I would have loved to sit in your Latin classroom at Logos once upon a time! Fun stuff!

  6. Billie-
    Although I agree completely that it is fun to see Mom’s pet grammarian jump out, you wouldn’t find it doing much in a Latin classroom. That Wilson grammarian is my Dad’s cousin’s wife, Martha – who taught us Latin in elementary school while she was still Miss Sebring. Mom is the only member in our family who has never taken any Latin, which means she is still probably better at it than I am!

  7. All right Grammar Girls!

    I’ve fixed it. If you would like to have unwieldy clauses like “each of whom” involved in your reading because otherwise you get confused by singulars and plurals, then I will give them to you! (I was going to stick to my guns on the the third one . . . the “one of the group of people who are” section. Clearly the “are” goes with the “people” – if it went with the “one” then there was no point in lugging the group of people into the conversation in the first place. But since I completely walked into it with the meantime and the extra apostrophe then I decided to not be stubborn about it. Godly person that I am.)

    But now that you’re not confused anymore by thinking that a group of girls might all be trying to wear the same Skirty, or distracted by misplaced apostrophes, you might want to turn around and notice that your daughter who is standing on her head as we speak ought to have something on under that dress!

  8. You could just say “loads of girls who should be wearing Skirties.”

    >>you might want to turn around and notice that your daughter who is standing on her head as we speak ought to have something on under that dress!

  9. Okay, sorry–the rest of my comment was cut off. I was going to say…

    Not mine–she already has a Skirty!

    Anyway, sorry about your technical difficulties. Hope your website is up and running again soon.

  10. Well said Bekah! Mine IS standing on her head without a skirty! I guess that’s why I didn’t notice the grammar errors when it was first posted. πŸ™‚ Could you remind me the price and sizes? My daughter is 4 yrs old, 40 inches tall, and 37 lbs. Thanks!

  11. Good idea Katherine!

    Sizes are:

    XS (2-3)
    S (4-5)
    M (6-7)
    L (8-9)
    XL (10-12)

    And the price is $16.00

    There you go!

  12. lizziejank-

    Huh. I thought I had read somewhere that your mom taught Latin at Logos for a while. I must have my mother’s memory! (Which I’ve learned, is full of interesting things, but not all of them actually occurred in the real world! πŸ™‚

  13. Bekah-I don’t yet have a daughter for whom a skirty would be purchased, and I find myself lamenting the fact that my only niece is too old for one, so I will go on a rabbit trail!
    Say . . . I love the graphics on your announcement and though it is not necessarily related to clothing, it (what I’m about to say) is related to lovely things: how about an Amoretti Designs stationary set! I love your flowers and backgrounds, and while I’m at it (coming up with projects for other people) I have a soft spot for placards with encouraging/convicting scriptures against a pretty background (just like the “to me to live is Christ” in Mrs. Millers kitchen with a pretty yellow flower offset)? Someday I will buy a skirty.

  14. More work for you in your spare time Rebekah: I look at your designs and think they would be beautiful knit or needlepoint patterns, because that is where my mind runs.
    Your drawings are just lovely and could be adapted to any number of beautiful crafts.

  15. Heh. Can I try to con my way out of my guilt by claiming I did that on purpose to see if you’d catch it?

    Oh. Ok. I didn’t think so. πŸ™‚

    When my little girl (currently 3 months) is in a 2-3, she will definitely have to have a skirty as she keeps up with her older brothers! πŸ™‚ It is a brilliant idea. πŸ™‚

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