We aren’t just alive…we’re happy!

babies-004.jpgHere are the babies at four months. It isn’t your imagination – Titus really is that much bigger. Also, don’t panic about them both being in the swing, as that was only for the photo shoot. Besides, they were wanting to be together, and I was wanting to sing “zippity doo dah” to get some smiles for the camera! They are just becoming buddies now, finally noticing each other. Titus puts his hand on Chloe’s cheek and she smiles, they grab hands and then fight over who should chew on the four-hand fist, and end up just taking turns or putting their heads together so they can do it at the same time. It’s the sweet stuff all right!babies-012.jpg

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15 thoughts on “We aren’t just alive…we’re happy!

  1. You took the question right out of my mouth re their relative sizes! Is he really ginormous, or is she particularly tiny, or are they just on the opposite ends of the normal spectrum? (They’re clearly on the high end of the adorable spectrum!)

  2. They are so adorable, Rachel! What a big charmer and a little lady! And they look so happy, you must ba a good Mama!

  3. Isn’t it great when they start noticing each other? My twin brothers always slept together (still do at 4) and it was particularly fun to see them start interacting. I remember them both having the other one’s foot in their mouth at the same time. And when one discovered the other’s ear, he laid there bending it back and forth and studying it like a scientist. Twins are amazing.

  4. Rachel ~ these pictures made me smile so big! We are loving every moment of watching our little one start to notice the world…how much fun to see them start to notice each other!! Thanks for posting…

  5. I can’t think of a word that describes the amount of cute adorableness those babies are puttin’ out. How do you keep people from squeezing them too much? How do YOU keep from squeezing them too much?

  6. Valerie-
    I’m actually not sure about their averages, as they are due for another doctors appt. next week (so it has been 2 months). But last time we checked in Titus was in the top bracket and Chloe was in the middle. At eight weeks he already had 2 lbs. and 2 inches on his little sister!

    Hi! It’s been a long time since we saw you guys! Nice to hear from you! Hope you all are well!

  7. Your babies are SO CUTE. My little Athanasius turns 7 months tomorrow. Enjoy every minute because they grow in the twinkling of an eye.

    By the way, I tried your baguette recipe last week. I’ll have to comment on it when I get more time. It turned out okay.

  8. How sweet! (adorable, cute, and precious have already been mentioned a few times, or I’d throw those adjectives in, too!) ๐Ÿ™‚

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