10 thoughts on “This is why I love picnic blankets

  1. Oh my – I love to see pictures! An adorable duo!
    Makes me remember one I took of my girls their first spring in 2004 (they were about the same size as Titus and Chloe) strapped in the bike trailer with pink sunbonnets on – smiling away like your little sweet ones!
    What a treasure pictures are – oh and of course so are great picnic blankets!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. They are adorable. I’m new to the joy of a picnic blanket, but it’s been discovered as a wonderful ‘base’ for my 14 month-old running around outside. I read on the blanket and she comes over to drop flowers and sticks on me.

  3. Amanda- I always think it is way better than starting with a lot and then balding into strange patterns. You just got to look on the bright side!

  4. They are so cute, Rachel! I love the idea of collecting picnic blankets! I loved letting my babies crawl outside on nice soft blankets. And it would be a wonderful way to make memories.

  5. Hey Rachel –
    We never see you anymore – but thought you might like to know that Missy is having a GIRL this time! Due September 2.


  6. Cissy-
    A girl! And about time too! I have been thinking of you all a lot, and wanting to walk down there sometime. Every day something stops us, but we’ll get there eventually! Thanks for the update, and I’ll see you soon.

  7. I came across your blog a few weeks ago, this photo is so wonderful, I love picnic blankets too, basking in the warm springtime sun and having cuddles with my precious babies, thank you for sharing this photo!
    Love Felicity

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