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So you’re going to the beach for vacation, or you are taking your kids to the pool, and you need to update the wardrobe, so you look for a swimsuit. Something you might consider decent to wear for your public appearances poolside. But, yikes, it’s still just as bad as ever. You are invited to pay large sums of money for small stretchy pieces of colored fabric. You are then supposed to fold the flesh into these little stretchy things, and, even nuttier, get them wet in full view of family, friends, and strangers. Surely someone has slipped a cog somewhere.

No woman I know of has been forced to be seen in this gear. It seems to be done freely, by choice, not by coercion of any kind. In fact, some women actually enjoy this ritual. I can tell you which ones they are. They are the ones who think they look good in a swimsuit. And some of them actually do. But that doesn’t excuse or explain the exhibitionism.

Then there are the women who show up in modest burmudas with no intention of getting wet, but they are highly indignant at the women who are displaying themselves. Sometimes, more often than not, this indignation is actually poorly disguised envy. Though they may be right about the modesty issue, they may be wrong about their own hearts. They may think they are being moral when if fact they are being moralistic. And, if they thought they looked good in a slippery little swimsuit, you couldn’t stop them with all their own moralistic arguments.

So even though we can heartily amen the biblical principle of modesty, we need to keep an eye on our own lusts. If our disapproval smacks of jealousy, we may be guilty of a more grievous sin than our immodest sisters, especially if it is compounded by gossiping and back-biting about it.

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14 thoughts on “Lovely Swimwear

  1. We’ve been finding some cute board shorts and rash guard shirts that keep things under wrap but are also practical for the water. I am not saying that these are the approved “holy” swim wear.
    Women have a lot of control over how much is out there for men to lust after and also have control over their own sin of wanting to be lusted after. It’s one-anothering – helping each other not to sin.

  2. Yay! I was so excited to see a post at Femina regarding swimwear. I couldn’t agree more about watching our hearts for jealousy and such – that creeps in so easily.

    However, I have a more specific question – without making a ridiculous list with measurements and such, what do you feel is appropriate swimwear? For both those ladies that would like to actually get in the water and those that like to bask in the sun. As a former competitive swimmer, I feel like I may come into this issue slanted a little and am wanting to straighten out. πŸ™‚

    And then if you were feeling really adventurous, what are your views on competitive swimwear (ruling out the expensive full body suits, just looking at regular competitive suits) – I’ve read your C/A article about modesty in sports, but I’m curious about your application here. Thanks in advance!

  3. So say we’re not jealous of our immodestly clad sisters, and just want to enjoy the pool ourselves? Or be able to take our sons (and daughters, for that matter) to the pool without placing stumbling blocks before them? (I’m going on the assumption that our husbands are mature enough to avert their eyes, but realize that not all are.) Are there appropriate swimsuits out there, or is co-ed swimming just a no-no? I have difficulty accepting that our options are to be modest and have no fun in the pool (why go?), or to wear clothes that we’d never otherwise wear in public in order to enjoy ourselves.

    I tend to think that Lands End has some nice suits that cover well –some thicker material, some that don’t cling as much, some higher necked and longer-skirted. You have to search. Those rash-guards and Australian suits made with sun protection in mind seem to be great options as well. (And you don’t have to slather yourself or your kiddos with chemicals to avoid burning.) Though, I have to laugh at the suits offered by I may be most comfortable in those if they weren’t emblasoned with the wholesomewear logo. It seems they should be accompied by swimcaps that say “Pharisee!” across the forehead! Maybe that’s just me. (Is it modest to draw attention to yourself that way?) Recently, I went swimming in my tankini top and my husband’s swim trunks (they match in color, but lack in femininity. I really didn’t feel like shaving, to be honest!) and have to say that it was the most comfortable I’ve been in a pool!

    Anyhow, do you have any advise for those of us who want to enjoy the water but remain modest? (Will Amoretti Designs come out with a Ladies’ Swimwear line anytime soon?) How about parenting in these situations?

  4. Crystal Comis… I can’t believe you haven’t commented and shared the love with all these ladies in need! πŸ˜‰ Don’t make me plug your pretty swimsuits for you! Don’t MAKE ME! πŸ™‚

  5. I am looking forward to hearing your replies to the questions regarding modest swimwear. In fact, I would love to hear more about modesty and what clothing styles are or are not considered modest.

    Providing you have the desire and the time….. I really appreciate all you do write, this blog has been an encouragement to me.

  6. I can tell you all Crystal and her daughters modeled some beautifully modest swimsuits at our recent church retreat!

  7. I have trained (Masters swimming) for years in suits from H2O Wear. Their unitanks are my choice: long legs, thick and double-layered fabric, long lasting.

    I observed ladies in this suit before I got one. The suit gives discreet coverage both in and out of the water.

    These suits would also work very well for young ladies engaged in competitive swimming.

  8. Well now the pressure is really on isn’t it!!
    Okay I think I am about to put my foot in my mouth but hear I go anyway.
    I have designed a swim suit I affectionately call the “Bathing Beauty”. It is both modest and stylish and it is not made of Lycra, so no painted on looks revealing the bumps that are no one else’s business. But………sorry, they are not ready yet. Give me a year and a whole bunch of prayer. I am trying to work this business out and create line of suits while raising four lovely children, and though modest swim wear is important, I am sure we would all agree on what is more important. πŸ™‚

    Nancy, with your permission, if and when I actually get these suits out there for sale, may I pass the word on through you here at Femina?

    This link will show you a picture of one style of the suits for women. Shortly I will have a picture of my first design for little ladies. Ignore my grammatical errors and we will get along just fine. πŸ™‚

    For now, that is all I can do. πŸ™‚ No action, just words, and in reality, no promises. I really hope to produce these, but only as the Lord blesses my labor in my home and causes it to overflow. Blessings, and thank you to you ladies who sweetly encourage me with harassment, I know it is done in true love and I thank you.

  9. Nancy,

    This is post is right on. Before children, I was in blue jeans most of the time. But after a few babies, I felt frumpy in jeans and pants. I “discovered” dresses and felt pretty again.

    At that time, the Lord was opening my eyes to a lot of things, but I took this modesty issue too far and got smug. (I was that above-mentioned Pharisee). We didn’t allow our daughters wear jeans for years, except at the horse barn, etc.

    A year or two ago, we adjusted that standard for them, and only recently did I realize that I would probably be wearing blue jeans too, if I could just trim up. I really miss them! (So I wear denim skirts.)

    Great swim suit comments. This is really a challenge.

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