Wise Words from Samuel Rutherford

“If the work be of God, he can make a stepping stone of the devil himself for setting forward the work.”

“And sure I am, it is better to be sick, providing Christ come to the bed-side, and draw aside the curtains, and say ‘Courage, I am thy salvation,’ than to enjoy health, being lusty and strong, and never to be visited of God.”

“You know that the weightiest end of the cross of Christ that is laid upon you, lieth upon your strong Savior.”

from The Loveliness of Christ

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6 thoughts on “Wise Words from Samuel Rutherford

  1. If strength and health fuel my self-reliance that I not be visited by God, then yes, and Amen, to fraility and illness that God would make many visits!

  2. Amen! I still read from the copy you gave me when Lydia died. I have given out more copies of that sweet little book than I can count.

  3. I just re-read this post and it has brought great comfort to me this morning. I can sense in my spirit that this would be a good book for me to read in this season. I will go look for it.

    Many thanks, Nancy, for your gentle spiritual mothering.

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