A Snippet

So this morning my  girls were trying on my shoes and goofing around, when I overheard this great game plan from two year old Daphne:

“I’ll be the mama, o.k. Lina? And you can be the cow.”

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12 thoughts on “A Snippet

  1. Too funny! Have you been reading “Little House in the Big Woods” to them by chance? I have a funny two year old comment from a Sunday lunch guest the other day. Virgil got up to leave the dining room for a minute and one of our pee wee guests asked her Mom, “Where is Sermon going?”

  2. We got a cow related funny one today, too.
    My little guy moaned, as we passed a dairy farm, “Oh man it smells so bad, it must be cow-remover”….

    Only his big brother understood that he meant cow-manure.

  3. Ha! That reminds me of the time my friends and I played “David and Goliath and the human” (how else do you play David and Goliath with 3 people? 🙂 )

  4. On Wednesday, from the back of the car I hear from my 4-y-o dd, “Mummy, when God was little, were His parents called ‘God’?”

    How do they come up with this stuff. LOL.

    In Him

    Meredith in Australia

  5. I love that.

    A few weeks ago a neighbor gave my girls some veggies when they were playing outside. Ashley(5) came in and announced to Fiona(3) that we got a bell pepper. Fiona’s excited reply: You mean it looks like Belle?!

  6. Hey all-
    love the stories! Valerie, Lina is short for Evangeline, and the way we say it rhymes with Tina.

  7. I love that doll name. I always figured my girls would go all out on the names…However, most dolls are named quite matter-of-factly. The biggest baby doll is…Big Doll. The doll that consisted of a torso and head with ginormous quantities of hair to arrange: Hair Doll. The lamb is Lamby. Our pet snake is even Snakey. (This is funnier than I realized.)

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