A Little Remedy

Feeling blue? Overwhelmed? Tired? Here’s a little remedy that just might help. Straight out of the Bible too: In all things give thanks. Try reciting your blessings. If you are lonely, count how many friends you really do have, even if they are all busy this minute. If you have a child who is straying from the faith, count the faithful ones. A husband gone astray? Count the good days and remember the kind words, even if they are long gone now. Consider your health, your home, your clothing, your comforts, sunshine, wine, and flowers. How many books are at your disposal? And your Bible. Now that is a real treasure. What about your church? And how many sermons can you be thankful for? And parents, holidays, siblings and grandparents. And good work to do. Turn your thoughts toward your Maker and thank Him for His manifold blessings.

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8 thoughts on “A Little Remedy

  1. Just about to go overdue with my third child…this is a definite encouragement to me. I wasn’t feeling discouraged until today. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. We keep losing babies, some early, some late in the pregnancies. Our recent and 5th one made us think and pray about the possibility of surrogacy. We’re wondering if there are any biblical oppositions to it we aren’t thinking of. We can do it without generating more embryos than we would use, we wouldn’t freeze them (as they may not survive the thawing process), our surrogate would be my sister (whom we trust fully in all aspects of this process, and who wouldn’t do it for money), we have the means financially, and we do NOT sense a calling to adopt. Any thoughts?

  3. Dear Grace,
    If you rule out all the immoral aspects of surrogacy, it is still something that I would counsel against, not on moral grounds but as unwise. It sets up a situation that has far more possibilities of difficulty than you may imagine, and they are long-term difficulties: family issues, emotional issues, your child’s identity issues, change of mind issues, etc. Sometimes I caution parents who are eager to adopt to be careful of their motivations. Some parents go into adoption because they want to help a little child who is needy. Others adopt a baby because they are the ones who are needy: they are needy for a baby. These do not make the best parents, as you can imagine. In your case, I would advise you to examine your own motives as well. If you are considering this because you NEED a baby, then you will not be in the right spiritual frame to give yourself away to a child. Surrogacy seems to me to tend toward this sort of neediness. When it tends this way, it is not child-centered, but parent-centered. It is not all about the child, but rather all about the neediness of the parent. Now, I’m not trying to be hard on you. I understand that losing a child is a serious grief. But ask yourself if you are willing to be childless if God so ordains. And then submit to His perfect will for you. He has good planned for you, and not evil. If He has not given you children, then perhaps He has other things in store for you that you know nothing of as of yet.
    The Lord bless you and comfort your heart.

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