A little help with my shopping.

The other night while I was making dinner I spotted our four year old fiddling with the computer. I told her to get down, which she did, and that was that. After dinner we ran out to do some errands and while my husband ran in Starbucks, I goofed around with his i-phone. I checked my e-mail to find a  “Thank you for your $106.oo purchase” note from my cookbook club! Apparently Lina had gone ahead and purchased the entire contents of the shopping cart (which incidentally was not full of anything that I still wanted).  Still, it’s nice to have a little help shopping sometimes!

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4 thoughts on “A little help with my shopping.

  1. Oh Rachel that’s hilarious! I’ve read that’s a common excuse from people who have made unwanted purchases on ebay 🙂 Good thing you weren’t car shopping online!

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