Daphne is our two-year-old, and one of her very lovable personality traits is improvising. I first noticed this when she and Lina were trying to play a game that requires marbles and couldn’t find any (because I hide things like that). She said, “I know where some are,” and ran away. When I followed her, I found her biting a sort of decorative ball off the top of some large paperclips. She had several loose already. Anyway, this picture below is one of her hot new fashion ideas.  And if you ever run into some fabric you really want to embroider, you won’t be unprepared!

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7 thoughts on “Innovation

  1. My daughter is so much the same! We can even improvise with pretend things if we don’t have anything at all handy- invisible, pretend band-aids are sometimes just the thing.

  2. so funny! our girls also put colored tights on their heads to make it look like they have long hair! (sometimes they even put ponytail holders on the legs of the tights to make it look like pony tails!) little ones are so entertaining.

  3. Ahahaha! Priceless childhood moment. Love it! Can’t wait ’till the Lord blesses me with delightful little ones of my own. 🙂

  4. Fabulous! One of our daughters was precisely this way, and she is turning into a serious artist (not too serious, but accomplished!) as a young woman. It is amazing to see what God can do with that sort of out-of-the-box ability.

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