Judah’s Average Day

I was standing at my sink washing dishes yesterday when I happened to see this wandering around in the yard.


Don’t you sometimes wish that you knew what the story was? I would really love to be able to read that script and know what part he was playing. He just drifted about out there for a while . . . muddling around in the hedge and then circling around in the grass.

In case you can’t quite tell what it is, here’s another shot at it.


Just to be clear . . . we’ve got Judah here in a fencing mask, wellies, a belt with a sword, I don’t think you can see the fire poker because it’s tucked under his arm, and then the two stuffed animals. Guesses? Perhaps he was after the Questing Beast who was quite possibly lurking in the hedgerow? Croc-idols that needed to be slain? Usually when he goes out to play he’s armed to the teeth and kills dragons and bad guys and spiders in quick succession . . . but the stuffed animals are the addition to the narrative that I find myself wondering about.

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11 thoughts on “Judah’s Average Day

  1. I think it’s very funny that I immediately thought that could be Calvin (our 3-year-old)…if only we had a fencing mask.

    I know that in Cal’s case, the addition of stuffed animals usually falls into one of two categories – they are animals to ride (this is relatively easy to discern as he’s squeezing them in between his knees as he gallops around) or they are “babies” to protect. In the latter case, however, he usually asks for the “baby” to be tied to his back to free up his arms for fighting.

  2. Of course he’s out on an adventure and the animals are along for the trip…is he possibly traveling through Narnia?

    My guys are a bit older (10 & 12) and I really miss this stage – thanks for sharing!

  3. He reminds me of my youngest boy, who is at this moment riding his bike with a cast on his leg.
    These men will run something important one day….

  4. my noah usually combines weapons and stuffed animals in his play… the stuffed animals are usually oh-so-intelligent and devoted companions that assist him in his derring-do.

    I asked noah what he thought and he said that maybe judah had rescued the animals from an evil person;)

  5. Maybe he’s protecting his lands, with his 2 fiercely loyal companions, prepared for any unforseen enemy to suddenly attack him ferociously and force him to deftly draw his sword to defend his home and family as he fights courageously unto the death??

  6. Ooohhh–a boy-size fencing mask! Where do you find something like that? This very morning both my boys were exploring our large yard dressed in pajamas, knight costumes, and a pirate with a headlamp on (so he could find the monsters inside the cave they were exploring).

  7. He’s carrying the animals, his loyal friends, back from a daring rescue?! So fun – thanks for sharing this!

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