Just makes me proud.

My girls have been on a serious craft-a-thon lately. It’s been loads of fun . . . I’ve let them just dive straight into all the fabric scraps and have free run of the sewing machine (while I’m not using it). This of course has meant that we’ve had fluff and thread and fabric scraps just everywhere – but on the upside we also have a very festive little selection of one of a kind designs. I absolutely love seeing what they come up with. We have a shirt which was designed and sewn especially for Nana . . . but of course in the end it might (might) fit onto an American Girl doll. But it’s awfully clever and very creative nonetheless. One of these days I’ll sit them down and give them a speech about seam allowances – but I distinctly recall doing the identical thing myself when I was little and Mom gave me free run of the scrap bag and the sewing machine. My great seam allowance eureka moment was when I whipped up a pair of gloves for myself that turned out the size of a craisin. After my peevishness wore off, it suddenly occurred to me that perhaps I should add a bit onto the edges when I did my cutting. I was quite pompous about that little insight as I recall. I felt that most people wouldn’t have thought of that.

Anyway, the other night it was time for kids to head up to bed – but poor little six-year-old Hero was still in the grip of a creative fever and really desperately needed to finish cutting out the outfit she was designing. So I let her take it up to bed with her to finish . . . and when I went up to check on her, this is what I found on the top bunk.


In case you’re not clear, that’s a shirt and a skirt – complete with a little patch pocket on the front. And yes, I did remove the scissors from her bed, and carefully scootch the outfit out of the way, and put her blankets back on the bed, and get her tucked neatly and cozily in for the night! (A note about what she’s wearing: She doesn’t usually sleep in Ben’s skivvy shirt. It’s just that there was a also a play being produced that evening and she was cast as a sheep. She obviously didn’t change back into her PJs before climbing up to finish off her cutting. “Where on earth is this child’s mother?” I can hear you asking. Unfortunately she was also in the grip of a creative fever and was downstairs trying to finish off an outfit herself . . . )

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10 thoughts on “Just makes me proud.

  1. I love it! The colors go together beautifully, too. And that little coordinating patch is adorable! The outfit looks like it may end up fitting someone…

    What a great picture to keep in case she grows up and follows in your footsteps –

    My girls have made me many, many miniature pillows. (seams on the outside) So virtually every dolly here has a pillow, even if she doesn’t have a bed 😉

  2. I love it! What a determined little one …. 🙂
    My sister and I have memories of making our “own clothes” that would never have made it through one cycle of the wash – because we had decided to be pioneer women and sew them by hand. The stitches must have been at least 1/2″ long, with all seams on the outside, and no allowances being made.
    So glad you took the picture – those are the things we remember!

  3. you wrote:
    “My great seam allowance eureka moment was when I whipped up a pair of gloves for myself that turned out the size of a craisin.”

    and i laughed out loud… not a lol (which as we all know is really not a laugh at all) i laughed a real true laugh, a guffaw, rather.

    thanks for giving me such a merry start to my day;)

  4. Love the creativity! Too cute ;o)
    My girls are just at the beginning, plastic canvas and yarn and sewing cards…..fun to watch the start of their creative journey.

  5. I remember those first little outfits I tried to make. I also had the seam allowances off but that wasn’t the only thing. They were probably one side right side out and the other inside out and arm holes sewn closed. Unfortunately I haven’t improved too much with my sewing skills.

    It is obvious her mom is around or she wouldn’t have such knowledge and creativity to even make an outfit or perform as a sheep. Those free form lessons are the best learned from.

  6. Craisin…I’m not sure if it’s just because we go through these at a frightening rate around here, and I find them in all the little corners and pockets and such, but that made me laugh very hard.

  7. Simply glorious, you must be proud indeed!
    And I think there’s nothing better than sleeping in Daddy’s (or Papa’s) white undershirts!

  8. Now that is a priceless picture. Thought the shirt was a sweet nightgown actually. Great sheep costume after all. I always felt I should methodically teach my girls how to sew, but mostly just gave them the run of all scraps, threads, ribbons and sewing machine. I am amazed what lovely things they have learned to create over the years from their own ambition and creativity. Looks like your beauties are off to a great start!

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