Avocado Salsa

img_2119.JPGIt is like the best of guacamole plus the best of homemade salsa – and both of those are pretty rockin’ good! I got the recipe from a friend (thanks Jennie) a long time ago, but only recently remembered how much I love it when I busted it out to pair with chicken tacos.  Try this at home, it is sooo nice and fresh.

  •  2 large shallots
  •  3 garlic cloves
  •  2 T. chopped fresh cilantro
  •  1/2# of tomatillos
  •  2 medium avocados
  •  1 T. lime juice

Chop shallots and garlic, and add to bowl with cilantro. Discard husks of tomatillos and rinse off the sticky junk in warm water. Chop those and add to bowl. Chop avocados and add. Drizzle lime juice and stir. Eat half the bowl trying to decide if you need salt or pepper. End up just sprinkling a little kosher salt. Yum.

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5 thoughts on “Avocado Salsa

  1. I love guacamole but I’ve never made it. I will have to try this recipe. I’m a little intimidated by the avocado! I’ve never purchased one and I’m not sure how to know if they are good. Any tips?

  2. I’ve never done avocados, either (though I do know the etymology of the word…it’s very fun), but I have one tip: do not hold them in your hand to remove the pit. Too easy to slip and cut yourself.

  3. Quick tip: Remove the pit first, then remove the skin. That will help keep the avocado from slipping.

  4. Avocados are super easy to work with. Look for a barely soft one that is not at all withery. Using a paring knife, cut it in half vertically, just turning the avocado around on your knife to work around the pit. Then, cupping each half in your hand, twist. It should easily pop apart with the pit still in one side. You should be able to easily squeeze the pit out, but I usually get my knife in the pit an twist it out. At this point I continue on with my little knife and score all the flesh while it is still in the skin, then just scoop all the cut pieces out with a spoon.

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