Happy Birthday, Nana!


Why this happened I’m not sure . . . but we managed to let the day go by yesterday without mentioning that it was Mom’s birthday! Sheesh! The cousins’ picture was actually taken at her party.

And, just for the fun of it, we had Eton Mess this year instead of a cake. (I’ve posted a rather vague recipe over at the Fortnightly Purse just in case you were feeling like you ought to make one yourself.)

Either way, Happy Birthday to a world champion Nana!

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11 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Nana!

  1. Oh my gracious me! That looks absolutely marvelously delicious! and I love the way you have the dishes and stands arranged just so… OK, I’m off to check out that recipe right this very instant!

  2. My b-day was yesterday as well, I had no idea I shared it with such a lovely and wonderful lady! Happy Birthday Mrs. Wilson. We live just across the street from you and I often look up the hill to your house and enjoy seeing the goings on. It makes me miss my family!
    Have a wonderful year!

  3. I apologize for my lateness, but I haven’t been on Femina in several days and here I up and missed your birthday, Nancy! I do hope it was a happy one full of all the blessings of Christ! You have so many of them!! You and yours and your ministry are in my continual prayers. Much love in Jesus!

  4. I made this for our Sabbath dessert last Sunday. Wow! Everyone loved it! I am bringing it to our church meal this Sunday. Thanks for the great recipe.

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