The Fall Jolly

We had fun yesterday at this year’s Fall Jolly, a fund-raising craft fair/tag sale/food and book sale that is hosted by our church one Saturday morning in the fall. This year it coincided with New St. Andrew’s Celebratio, so it has been a weekend crowded with activities. I snapped a couple of pictures at the Jolly before we opened the doors, but there was so much more than this, thanks to many willing hands. Next year maybe you all can come!




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4 thoughts on “The Fall Jolly

  1. We had a great time! I came left with a Dutch Girl Fabric sewing project, the boys came home with red elm swords (which accidentally clocked dad on the back of the head during the drive home–very sturdy), we got a pretty Amoretti dress for our only girl cousin (lucky duck), and we all ate a good lunch.

  2. Some of the funds raised go to the Sabbath House, which is a ministry of our church to help needy people in our community. And some goes to our ladies’ fellowship ministry, which is used for various projects.

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